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Swellview Clock Tower
Clock tower
Resides in


First Appearance

The Time Jerker

Last Appearance

Secret Beef

Swellview Clock Tower is the Time Jerker's hideout seen in The Time Jerker and Secret Beef. It is one of the tallest structures in the city.


Captain Man and Kid Danger went here to stop the Time Jerker. Captain Man engaged the supervillain in a fight but Kid Danger was thrown into the time machine, after he tried to get on top of the Time Jerker.

When Kid Danger confronts the Time Jerker again after traveling back in time, he changes the outcome of the fight in the tower by throwing a number 6 at his head; he does it once more when he repeats the day again.

The police come to the top of the clock tower to arrest the Time Jerker and take him away, while Kid Danger and Captain Man are interviewed by the news.