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Swellview Police Department
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The Danger Begins

The Swellview Metropolitan Police Department are the local law enforcement of the city of Swellview. The head of their department is Chief of Police Sullivan.


Henry Danger[]

The Adventures of Kid Danger[]

Danger Force[]

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  • Despite being known for arresting Captain Man's rogues gallery, they also have permission to arrest him too should he break a law.
    • However, some criminals (such as Drex) are too dangerous for even the police to apprehend, thus leaving them in the hands of the superheroes.
  • For the first two seasons, their uniforms are navy. In Season 3, they change their shirts to powder blue.
  • The police also have jurisdiction in Bordertown to capture criminals if they flee Swellview. Whether Bordertown is a part of Swellview County or not remains uncertain.
  • The names of police officers are not usually mentioned in the episodes.
  • The police officers are named after various food treats (Klondike bar, walnut, etc.)
  • Sometime prior to the events of ''Danger Force'', the police department went through leadership and structural changes, as Chief Sullivan was succeeded by Melverp Korthenschotzz, who goes by the rank of Commissioner rather than Chief.