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Terrence Little Gardenhigh
Terrence Little Gardenhigh - KCA
Biographical information
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Terrence William Little Gardenhigh






April 20, 2007 (age 17)



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Miles Macklin (AWOL)

Terrence Little Gardenhigh is an American television child actor. He portrays Miles Macklin (AWOL) in Henry Danger and Danger Force.


Terrence William Little Gardenhigh was born on April 20, 2007 in Pinehurst, North Carolina to Terri Little Gardenhigh and was raised in Olympia, Washington. At age 8, he starred in commercials for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.[1]


Year Title Role Notes
2018 Speechless Kid #3 Episode: "I-N-- INTO THE W-O-- WOODS"
2019 Just Roll With It Jafar Episode: "No Thank You for Your Service"
2020 Henry Danger Miles Guest/Recurring Star (4 episodes)
2020-2024 Danger Force Miles Macklin (AWOL) Nickelodeon Original Series, series regular
2020 Coffee and Kareem Kareem Main role


  • "Little" is not his middle name; his middle name is "William" and his last name is "Little Gardenhigh." He says that a lot of people confuse his name because of this.
    • He was named after the doctor that helped deliver him.
  • He says that he relates to his character because they are both super friendly, sensitive, passionate, and excited about everything!
  • When he got the part as Miles, he "went crazy", releasing some tears and a couple screams because this show was a "big deal, I mean it's Henry Danger!"
  • He has around 20 action figures, specifically Mezco action figures and Amazing Yamaguchi. He likes positioning them and then taking pictures!
  • He hates sushi.
  • He loves origami.
  • His first interest in acting started when he participated in commercials for the Boys and Girls Club of Lacey, Washington (which he loved).
    • He started a dance group at the Boys and Girls Club because he was the only boy brave enough to dance with a group of girls.
  • He started growing his locks because he wanted to have powers like NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, who at the time, was playing with the Seattle Seahawks and nicknamed “Beast Mode.”
  • He was able to read at the age of two.
  • His favorite music artists are J Cole, Da Baby, and Drake.
  • One of his most embarrassing moments was when once in a public school, he forgot to wear his belt and his pants fell down during recess. The entire class saw and he was embarrassed, but he just pulled his pants up and acted like nothing happened.
  • His favorite sport is basketball; he tries to play every day when he gets home from work.
  • His favorite subject in school is math because he catches on very quickly. Solving a math problem, especially triple and quadruple digits, is really satisfying to him.
  • When he was interviewed for Coffee and Kareem, he stated, "He did enjoy getting to curse on set and it was a hard adjustment when they wrapped filming."



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