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“Test Friends”
Season 1, Episode 15
Air Date

January 30, 2021

Prod. Code



Samantha Martin


Elvira Ibragimova

Episode Chronology

Vidja Games


Lil' Dynomite

Test Friends is the fifteenth episode of Season 1 of Danger Force. It premiered on January 30, 2021 to an audience of 0.57 million viewers.


The team is dealing with a laundry overload until they manage to clear the laundry alert. After the team celebrate reaching laundry zero, Captain Man gets a call from his agent saying that he made the cover of a superhero magazine called Supes Illustrated. The kids try to persuade Captain Man to be on the cover, only to make Captain Man angry that they did not invite him to make poses with the kids. The kids leave for a restaurant while Captain Man claims that he does not trust the kids because they do not invite him to anything. Ray then tries to prove to Schwoz that he can't trust them by putting them through a series of tests. Ray makes Schwoz put security cameras in the classroom. Ray gives the kids a surprise test while purposely giving Bose the test answer key. He then turns on a fan making the answer key fly towards Mika. After accidentally seeing one of the answers, she purposely fails one of the questions to make sure she is not cheating. She then gets another one wrong for measures. Bose freaks out and attempts to eat the answer key document. After Schwoz tries to talk Ray out of cheating the kids, he then takes it to another level.

The kids are painting bird houses for homeless birds, but they are interrupted when Ray walks in with a ladder and does a trust fall. Bose manages to catch him with his telekinesis and Chapa, Mika and Miles put pillows under him. Ray then decides to test the kids while they were alone. Miles gave up ice cream three weeks ago but Ray puts along a path to him finding fake ice cream. Ray then makes an evil phone call to Bose posing as Future Bose telling him to destroy Ray. Ray runs towards Mika and tells her to listen to him make a terrible speech and says he's done a great job. At Hip Hop Purée, a guy named Lee taunts Chapa because she has no phone. Ray sends her an embarrassing photo, Miles is staring at an ice cream batch and he is feeling tempted. Ray lies to Bose saying he turned evil and he is going to lay waste over Swellview. Miles refuses the ice cream and starts eating carrots. Bose refuses to destroy Ray. Mika is trying to wait out Ray's terrible speech and tries to say he's done a good job but instead super screams into a pillow. Ray tries to make Chapa post his embarrassing photo onto EnvyGram but Chapa deletes it.

The kids are still painting bird houses while Bose walks in with a goat claiming that Ray is going to destroy the petting zoo. Schwoz then accidentally gives away that Ray thinks the kids are trying to steal his Supes Illustrated cover and they returned to Laundry 1000. Ray sends them a message from a desert saying that he is stuck in a desert while a bunch of scorpions are trying to use him as a nest. Ray finds out that Schwoz told them about the test. The team refuses to help Ray, now that they found out that Ray was secretly testing them, and they hang up on him, not realizing that he is actually stuck. One week has passed and the team are enjoying ice cream. The team are considering that Ray was really stuck but they decide to not help him. Another week has passed and Ray is still not present, and no communication from him has been heard ever since. Ray calls them after a lightning storm hit him last night. The team still refuses to help him after Ray refuses to apologize to them. The team then decides to do the photoshoot without Captain Man. The team feels bad for Ray and puts him on the cover in an embarrassing way, but Ray does not mind because he thinks he deserves it.


Main Cast[]

Minor Cast[]


  • Ray's middle name is revealed to be "Esther".
  • This is the 5th episode to not feature any recurring characters.
  • Schwoz breaks the fourth wall by saying that Ray has an episode and that in this one, he puts his friends through a series of elaborate tests.

Series continuity[]

  • Ray says in the future he will become evil. That is a reference to Ray Goes Cray where he becomes Roy, his evil self and the Henry Danger episode Opposite Universe where in the alternate universe there is an evil version of him.
  • Ray's accent is similar to his Mr. Gelding disguise in the Henry Danger episode Substitute Teacher.
  • Ray saying good day Sir or Madam or Madam is a reference to the Henry Danger episode Mr. Nice Guy where Ray says "Or woman" and "Or girl".
  • Chapa is seen using an old computer with a sticker that reads "Junior Anger Management", which is a callback to the Henry Danger episode JAM Session, when Piper attended Junior Anger Management.

International Premieres[]

  • February 6, 2021 (Canada)
  • April 17, 2021 (Latin America)


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