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“The Battle for Swellview”
Season 3, Episode 12-13
The Battle for Swellview
Air Date

February 21, 2024

Prod. Code



Jake Farrow (Part 1)
Christopher J. Nowak (Part 2)


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology

Ray Forgives

The Battle for Swellview is the twelfth through thirteenth and final episode of Season 3 of Danger Force. It is also the series finale. It premiered on February 21, 2024. This episode also simulcasted on Nicktoons and TeenNick.


At the KLVY studio, Trent and Mary announce about the approaching comet, scaring Mary. Trent meets with Lil' Bobby Newser to talk about the comet and the boy says that it happens every 2,000 years. At the Man's Nest, Ray interrupts Chapa and Miles from watching the news to talk about his upcoming wedding to Credenza, before revealing that he was retiring effective immediately. Ray says his Captain Man days are over and he plans to buy a boat to live with his future wife. Even though Chapa and Miles do not believe him, Ray throws away his uniform, burning it with a laser. Ray reminds Chapa and Miles that his plan was to retire after Henry's graduation, but since Henry left, he trained the Danger Force to be his successors. Suddenly, Credenza appears in the Nest and Ray reveals that he not only told him about his secret identity and Danger Force's and all the rooms in the HQ. Ray and Credenza then take the tube home and Ray decides to try on his tuxedo with his best man, Drex. Mika calls the Nest to talk to Chapa and Miles, who announce Ray's retirement and that Drex will be the best man. Mika, Bose and Schwoz say that they found paintings similar to the cave painting that were not about the evil device, but about an ancient story that tells of how a hero slayer approached Swellview and would dominate the world with his followers, a prophecy that was related with the comet. Mika and Schwoz show that the prophecy said that the monster was coming to slay a hero. Schwoz translates that the prophecy says that a Swellview hero will rise and fight the monster, discovering that the symbols look like The Cell masks, but to the surprise of Miles and Chapa, three members of said group shoot them.

Miles and Chapa get up and try to attack Numbers 10, 13 and 19. Bose and Mika come to the rescue and expel Number 19, while the others escape and get a mask. Mika tries to warn Ray that The Cell is still alive, but Credenza denies Ray calling Mika and knowingly throws Ray's phone into the dishwasher. Ray leaves the Fudgers House to go to the tuxedo shop. Credenza then confronts Buddy after learning his secret identity as Lil' Dynomite and how he found his book "How to Keep Your Superhero Identity a Secret From Your Mom", but she tells her son that she needs him. The kids can't locate Ray and Chapa predicts that Schwoz will come soon with news, which turns out to be true. Using a Cell's mask, Schwoz shows the videos that the mask saw and they discover that Credenza is the master of The Cell, deducing that this is how the members managed to enter. The kids worry because Credenza never wanted to marry Ray, but rather cause his death with the help of the mysterious comet beast, and they teleport to the Fudgers House, where the four are attacked by Lil' Dynomite. Mika manages to catch Buddy, who says that Credenza told him that Danger Force is evil and they work for The Cell, but after seeing the video where his mother is evil, Buddy reconciles with his friends. Mika then realizes that Ray's phone was in the dishwasher and Chapa again predicts that they will go to the Cell's cave, save Ray and defeat Credenza, teleporting to the hideout, but the five are captured and come for the cameras on Blayne Kirkpatrick in the house. The Cell celebrates the arrival of the comet monster and Number 19 complains about the pizza with pickles.

In their captivity, the kids are glad that Ray is not in the cave, but regret that they are trapped and the members of The Cell make fun of Number 19 over pickle pizzas. When the songbird appears, Buddy calls his friend and whistling in his language, he sends it to ask Ray for help. Ray and Drex try on their tuxedos and see the songbird, whom Drex recognizes, discovering that the kids were captured by The Cell and despite his retirement, Ray returns to being Captain Man to save his friends, inviting Drex to help, giving him a golden bandanna and Captain Man predicts that they will save the Danger Force and then retire, although the two friends were also captured. Credenza arrives to mock Captain Man for his retirement and he complains about Credenza's deception. Buddy confronts his mother for not telling him the truth and she and The Cell continue their ritual about the monster's arrival. Mika tells Credenza that the prophecy was written 200 decades ago during the last passage of the comet and the story about the monster, whom The Cell would use to eliminate their enemies and be the new god-rules in a new civilization, as well as relating that the first user of the monster began in the Sumerian civilization in 4,000 BCE, the second in Mentuhotep II, and 20 centuries ago it was in the middle kingdom of Egypt until today, since "Credenza I" would be the new ruler of Swellview. Credenza remembers her great-grandmother telling her about the prophecy. At that moment, the device works and Credenza tells them that when she controls the monster, she, Ray and Buddy will rule the Earth as gods, but Captain Man refuses her offer. During the passage of the comet, the device finally brings the comet monster that manifests as a smoke via an evil spirit and Mika says that the prophecy was a warning, since no one can control the spirit, which begins to murder every Cell member, while Danger Force is released, with Mika saying that the monster can only be controlled by a kid to host. To save everyone, Buddy sacrifices himself to be the spirit's host and turns dark. Drex tries to save his son, but with a smoke, Dark Dynomite kills him and fuses the bodies of father and son. Captain Man fights the monster, which manifests its sword and cuts off Captain Man's head, disturbing everyone.

The kids are surprised to see Captain Man's head alive, confused because he is indestructible and Mika, using biology, explains that a severed head can survive for hours only if it was on ice for 33 seconds. With a sushi cocktail, Bose kicks Captain Man's head and saves him. Captain Man recaps that his fiancee is evil, his best man died and he lost his tuxedo after losing his body. Credenza tries to talk to Dark Dynomite and the monster tries to attack her, but Mika saves Credenza. Chapa electrocutes Dark Dynomite, trying to free Buddy, but the monster is stronger. Danger Force is forced to flee the cave while taking Captain Man's head and body, as Dark Dynomite exits. Ray is placed in an ice container to survive while his body is handled. AWOL argues with Ray for insisting on marrying Credenza before the monster arrives. ShoutOut tries to figure out how to defeat the monster and glue Ray's head back to his body. On the news, Trent and Mary tell about how Dark Dynomite sucked souls while people fled. Schwoz mentions that it will take a minute to glue Ray's head to his body, but the kids needed Ray quickly to confront the monster. When a helicopter arrives, Brainstorm sees that it is Celia, Angela and Alejandra, who arrive at the Nest to rescue their children and flee from the monster. Celia says that everyone must leave and they invite Schwoz and despite the danger of the monster according to the prophecy that was being completed, the Danger Force decides to stay, so Volt suggests changing the prophecy at the diamond mine. While the mothers take some diamonds, Volt changes the prophecy according to her precognitions, making a new destiny and Danger Force prepares for the fight.

From the studio, Trent and Mary say that Dark Dynomite was now a giant and was devastating Swellview, before contacting Lil' Bobby to report on the hideout under Hip Hop Purée with some survivors. During the broadcast, the monster's smoke manages to enter the restaurant and kills everyone in the place, losses that Trent and Mary mourn, believing it was the end of Swellview until they talks about Kirby the juggling possum. The moms go to the helicopter with the diamonds and Danger Force plans to stay to make Volt's new prophecy come true. ShoutOut claims not to have a plan and at Volt's insistence, ShoutOut complains about the situation with the monster, so Schwoz shows that the comet would return in a few hours to pass by Earth, causing AWOL, Volt and Brainstorm to realize that they would catch the monster and throw it into the comet to destroy it. Ray appears to ask about the moms and Volt remembers how The Cell stole their energy to do 50,000,000 things at once, thinking that Schwoz can transfer the power of the mom trio to them. Schwoz thinks that the trio's essence can be increased to Danger Force and defeat the monster, a plan that everyone thinks was ShoutOut's. The trio return to the Nest and Danger Force asks for their help to take their energy, at the cost of their hair being gray forever. Celia, Alejandra and a forced Angela bravely agree to help, sharing the energy. Schwoz fires darts at the Danger Force, granting them an increase in their powers. Volt tests that by making a mega lightning to attack Ray. Credenza appears at the Nest with the evil device and offers her help, reconciling with Ray, suggesting that the monster will be lured to the Nest with the device and she sought to redeem herself to save Buddy. The Danger Force draws Big Dark Dynomite into the Nest, causing a large tremor. Brainstorm stops the giant monster's fist, while Volt uses her mega lightning spear to attack it, freeing Buddy from the evil spirit and AWOL manages to rescue his friend in time. The comet spirit enters the Nest in search of another user and ShoutOut sacrifices herself to be possessed by the spirit, turning her into Dark ShoutOut.

Dark ShoutOut threatens her enemies with her dark sword and Brainstorm is able to stop her from killing Ray. AWOL avoids being possessed. Volt uses her electricity to try to free ShoutOut, which causes the four to enter a circle of electricity and Danger Force manages to make Dark ShoutOut remember all the adventures they had. ShoutOut is able to free herself from the spirit, returning to normal and Ray realizes that Bose got his long-awaited baby chicken with a cowboy hat. Schwoz remembers that the comet will arrive soon, opening the moon roof and ShoutOut spits the spirit back into the comet. Knowing that the comet would return in another two millenniums, AWOL decides to prevent people from suffering anymore and teleports into space, expelling the comet from orbit forever, causing everyone in Hip Hop Purée to revive, as well as Drex, who is happy when his lizard hand disappeared, and the Cell. Despite having celebrated with The Cell, Drex takes the laser and attacks them now that he is a hero. Ray tells his friends that he is going on his boat with Credenza to get married, since she has changed. Despite the kids' complaints, Ray reports that he is officially retiring, leaving the city in the care of the Danger Force after they defeated the comet spirit while he was headless, leaving Schwoz to them, however, Schwoz says he will leave to live in Princess Daphne's country. Schwoz says goodbye to his friends and leaves the Nest. Buddy and Credenza arrive at the Nest, where Buddy will also leave to spend time with his dad, Drex and to live together after saying goodbye to Ray. Credenza says she was able to follow the M.I.L.E.S. System to learn to forgive and reconcile with Ray. Before leaving through the tube, Ray gives a final gift to his former students, the painting of Chapa's prophecy, and retrieves his keys to the boat, going down the tube one last time. Alone in the Nest, Danger Force hears an emergency call and takes out their gum to stop the crime, while reflecting on the painting of the new destiny and how the Danger Force will continue to protect Swellview until the end.


Recurring Cast

Minor Cast

  • Alex Bedria, Robert Dill, Todd Haberkorn, and Chris Tergliafera as Cell Member (V.O.)
    • Robert Dill as Numbers 1 and 20
    • Matt Merchant as Number 2
    • C.C. Taylor as Numbers 7 and 19
    • Stephen Bralver as Number 9
    • Reuben J. Lee as Number 12
    • Lamar Washington as Number 13
    • Joe Foley as Number 14
    • Erik Aude as Number 15
    • Tim Soergel as Number 16


Other than the part about my mom going to prison, I'm also on board.
— Buddy
I'm a good guy now. So you all are about to have the worst day in your stupid evil lives.
— Drex's last words in the series finale
I just watched you guys defeat the most powerful monster I've ever seen. And you did it while I was just a head in a box. You'll be fine. Trust me, you got this. Down the tube!
— Ray's last words in the series finale
So, what do we do now?
— Mika's last words in the series finale
Guess we do what we've always done.
— Miles' last words in the series finale
We'll blow some bubbles...
— Bose's last word in the series finale
...and fight some crime.
— Chapa's last words in the series finale


  • The finale was originally named The Prophecy.
  • This is the final episode of the show and the Dangerverse franchise.
  • "And fight some crime" is the last quote of the series. It is said by Chapa.
  • This episode finished production in December 2022.
  • This is the second and final one-hour episode, the first being Unmasked.
    • Curiously, neither of the two episodes were conceived as such.
  • The events of Bose's Birthday Party are mentioned.
    • The Princess's name is revealed to be Daphne.
  • It is revealed that Buddy wrote a book called "How To Keep Your Superhero Identity A Secret From Your Mom".
  • The singing bird of the episode Big Dynomite returns in this episode.
    • According to Buddy, Swellview singing birds understand 15 words in whistle.
  • This is the second time that Mika is possessed by a villain, the first time being in An Imposter Among Us by Rick Twitler.
    • Flashbacks to said episode are shown.
  • Lil' Bobby Newser made a reference to Avengers: Infinity War where he said he didn't feel so good before integrating to dust.
  • The events of The Force Returns, Part 2 are mentioned.
  • The box that contains Ray's head is the same one that contained Cyborg Rick Twitler's head in A Henry Among Us.
  • Schwoz shooting darts at the Danger Force is similar to when he did it in the episode Power Problems, Part 1.
  • Credenza becomes the fourth villain in the Dangerverse to redeem herself.
  • Miles breaks the fourth wall when he says that Ray and Credenza dated half a season of Genuine Moments.
  • Chapa's phrase "I'm always angry" is a reference to Bruce Banner's phrase in The Avengers.
  • It is revealed that Schwoz once sewed a head onto a body when he was 10 years old.

Series continuity


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International Premieres

  • January 26, 2024 (Italy)
  • February 23, 2024 (United Kingdom)
  • February 24, 2024 (Mexico)
  • February 25, 2024 (Latin America)


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