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“The Beginning of the End”
Season 5, Episode 38
The Beginning of the End Poster
Air Date

February 29, 2020

Prod. Code



Christopher J. Nowak


Russ Reinsel

Episode Chronology

Remember the Crimes


Captain Drex

The Beginning of the End is the thirty-eighth episode of the fifth season of Henry Danger. It premiered on February 29, 2020 to an audience of 0.85 million viewers.


Schwoz rebuilds the Omega Weapon, a weapon that could take away Captain Man’s superpower. Charlotte and Piper ask why, and he said it was because Ray said he shouldn’t, and he wanted to get him back for pinching his cheeks and stealing his cereal. Captain Man and Kid Danger return to the Man Cave wearing togas and holding turkey legs. They explain that they had just fought the Time Jerker and chased him to ancient Rome. Kid Danger also had a Time Ray, which could zap things through time. Meanwhile, Jasper had been sleep-learning, as he wanted to learn to fight to go on a mission with Kid Danger and Captain Man before he graduated. Kid Danger says he has a ton of time, as they wouldn’t be graduating for another year. However, Charlotte tells Kid Danger that Jasper and Charlotte would be graduating, but not Henry.

Kid Danger asks how this is possible, and Charlotte explains that Henry had been skipping school to fight crime for so long that he doesn’t have enough credits to graduate. Charlotte and Jasper were graduating, and so was Piper, as she had gone to summer school and gotten so many extra credits that she could graduate early. Kid Danger is upset, saying that he had been so busy fighting crime so much that he hadn’t lived his own life. Captain Man tells him that Kid Danger can become a full-time superhero after he retires in forty years, but Kid Danger doesn’t like this idea. They get a message from the Vice Mayor telling them to come to his office. Captain Man and Kid Danger go to the office and find a child named Bose. Bose plays a video showing the Vice Mayor, saying that Bose is his stepson, and they had to watch him for the weekend, and if they did, Captain Man would get a statue of himself. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Piper arrive at One Night in the Desert, a meeting for seniors. They enter a cave and find Jasper, Mitch, and Ms. Shapen. They decide to go to another cave. At the Man Cave, Captain Man finds out that Kid Danger set up a meeting with the mayor of Neighborville to fight crime there, and they had sent him a crate.

Captain Man feels betrayed by Kid Danger. He opens the crate, and the mayor pops out, telling Kid Danger that if he fought crime for Neighborville, he would get his own Danger Cave, live with cheerleaders, and get his statue. This upsets Captain Man, and he and Kid Danger begin to argue. Kid Danger says he has been so busy fighting crime in Swellview that he hasn’t had his own life. He’s angry that he can’t graduate from high school because of how much time he devoted as Kid Danger. Kid Danger takes his bubble gum and blows a bubble, transforming back into Henry. He reveals his identity to everyone in the Man Cave and leaves, quitting his job. Henry arrives back at home to find Kris and Jake upset that Henry isn’t graduating from high school. Henry tells them that he is Kid Danger, and right then, a bunch of cavemen break into his house. At the Man Cave, Schwoz has been wiping the memories of everyone who saw Henry. Schwoz is about to wipe Bose’s memory before Captain Man asks him if he can set it up so that it only erases memories of Captain Man. Schwoz says it’s easy, and he could do it with the flip of a switch. Just then, Captain Man walks into a trap and is pulled into the air. Drex arrives, having set up the trap.


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  • This episode was originally titled Tossing Rolos in a Bowl which the writers did as a joke because Jace Norman (Henry's actor) struggled to successfully toss a Rolo into a bowl while filming the scene that takes place in the Mayor's office.
  • This is Drex's first appearance since Back to the Danger: Part 2 in Season 4.
  • This is the first and only episode of the series to air on a Leap Year.
  • This episode introduces Bose, a main character in Henry Danger's spin-off series, Danger Force.
  • When it premiered, directly after the theme song, a promotion for the Henry Danger spin-off Danger Force was shown, which will premiere March 28, 2020.
  • This episode reveals that Henry never truly wanted to take over for Ray as Captain Man even though since the pilot, the whole point of Ray hiring a sidekick was so that one day Henry would take over. 
    • Henry also mentions he doesn't want to be Kid Danger for the rest of his life, this was foreshadowed in the episode Whistlin' Susie.
  • Vice Mayor Willard saying "I'm the vice mayor, not the record-it-twice mayor." is a reference to the Budget Cuts episode where he says "I'm the vice mayor, not the say-it-twice mayor."
  • The song "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler is heard.
  • Charlotte is going to go to Harvard University, an Ivy League school.
  • According to Charlotte, it has been a year since the events of Broken Armed and Dangerous.
    • Charlotte also mentions how Henry hasn't been to school since the episode.
  • It is revealed that Captain Man has several holidays named after him, a stadium named after him, and exactly twelve streets named after him.
  • This is the twelfth time Ray is Captain Man for the entirety of the episode.
  • The Cave Jasper, Mitch, and Ms. Shapen are in has a picture of Ray and Henry.


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