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The Cell
The Cell
Full Name

The Cell

Resides in


Criminal Occupation

Villain cult


Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut)
Miles Macklin (AWOL)
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
Chapa De Silva (Volt)
Schwoz Schwartz
Angela Macklin
Celia O'Brian
Alejandra De Silva
Buddy Fudgers (Lil' Dynomite)
Drex Stinklebaum


Thomas Cracker Prison
The Cell Cave

First Appearance

The Force Returns, Part 1

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Portrayed By

Number 1: Robert Dill (in "The Force Returns, Part 1" and "The Force Returns, Part 2"), Joe Foley (in "SwellMelonFest" and "Dumber Force")
Number 2: Matt Merchant
Number 7: C.C. Taylor
Number 8: Frankie Grande
Number 9: Stephen Bralvar
Number 10: Erik Aude (in "Dumber Force")
Number 11: Robert Dill
Number 12: Reuben J. Lee (in "Hey, Where's Schwoz?"), Lamar Washington (in "Dumber Force")
Number 13: Lamar Washington
Number 14: Joe Foley
Number 15: Erik Aude
Number 16: Lamar Washington (in "SwellMelonFest"), Tim Soergel (in "Hey, Where's Schwoz?")
Number 17: Erik Aude
Number 18: Joe Foley
Number 19: C.C. Taylor
Number 20: Robert Dill
Number 24601: Ryan Grassmeyer
All: Alex Bedria, Robert Dill, Todd Haberkorn, Chris Tergliafera (VO)

"He is coming!"
— Number 1 to The Cell

The Cell was an evil cult of mysterious villains that work for Credenza Fudgers and are major antagonists in Danger Force. There are at least 20 or more members total that each wear digital masks. Their goal was to destroy Captain Man and Danger Force with an ancient prophecy and the Comet Monster to try to become the new god-rulers of the Earth.


In The Force Returns, Part 1, one of the members, #20 is assigned by #1 to hack into the Man's Nest computer system while kidnapping every mom in Swellview including Danger Force’s and trapping them in Thomas Cracker Prison. #20 succeeds by taking over Danger Force’s machine that brought every mom to the Man’s Nest.

In The Force Returns, Part 2, #20 begins draining the moms’ mom energy using a massage chair machine that turned their hair white in the process. The Cell’s plan was to kidnap all the moms so Swellview would run into the ground and all the city officials would quit and be replaced by corrupt people.

After finding out where #20 is hiding the moms, Danger Force head over to save the moms but receive more than they bargained for when he uses their mom energy to give him the power to do 50 million things at once and multiply. #20 is knocked unconscious when ShoutOut and Volt combine powers and cause the prison to shake. After their plan was a failure, #1 informs the rest of the Cell that #20 is still alive and that “he” is coming and that the battle with Danger Force isn't over.

In SwellMelonFest, #18 is sent to SwellMelonFest with #17 and #16 while #19 heads to the Man's Nest and sound the alarm causing AWOL to teleport him and #1 there. #18, #17, and #16 distract ShoutOut, Volt, and Brainstorm at SwellMelonFest while #1 and #19 steal a stone sketch from the Man’s Nest and capture Schwoz after taking down AWOL. After Volt beats #17 and #16 with an electric hammer, the three members blow up the SwellMelonBall and make their getaway leaving their hoodies and mask behind.

In Hey, Where's Schwoz?, they hold Schwoz hostage for two weeks and force him to build an evil device. Frankini is revealed to be #8 until he decides to quit The Cell and hire Brainstorm to go undercover for him.

Unfortunately, Brainstorm blows his cover and gets kidnapped as well. Luckily, Captain Man puts a tracking device in Brainstorm and with the help from Lil' Dynomite, they easily track Schwoz and Brainstorm down and rescue them. #1 activates the device Schwoz made but it turns out to be a bomb to blow up their headquarters.

In Dumber Force, after Danger Force thought it was the end of the Cell, Danger Force celebrates while #1, #10, and #12 dusts themselves off from the explosion. Jeff Bilsky is revealed to be part of the Cell who is #24601 because he’s Mitch Bilsky’s brother who is very rich. They manipulate him and his brother Mitch into buying Swellview Junior High so that Danger Force would be too dim-witted to fight crime, offering Jeff a lower number if he got it.

Later on, the Cell watches through the camera they installed in the classroom of how Mitch school is going and saw that all the kids started giving into the Mitch ways. Jeff says they would be even dumber than cavemen which insults #11 who is a caveman named Grog. They watch Jeff’s trial crime on KLVY and saw that Danger Force is too dumb to fight crime. Jeff insults Grog again by saying “I mean, who raised you guys, cavemen?”.

After Danger Force use Brain Boppers on the kids at school, they overhear Danger Force saying that Schwoz is building their evil device and that it’ll be easier to steal it from them. Jeff calls them a bunch of cavemen and insults Grog once again. This makes Grog very angry and starts beating up Jeff till his body hurts.

In Don't Go In There!, #1 and #10 watch from afar as Schwoz activates the evil device outside the Man's Nest, sending a beacon into the sky. Mischievously, the two members of The Cell rejoice and continue to claim that "he" is finally coming.

In Ray Forgives, #1 heads to the house of The Cell's master Credenza Fudgers who gives him entry while #1 kneels. Using the heart-shaped diamond given to him by her fiancé, Ray, Credenza places it in the evil device, which emits the light again. Credenza claims that the prophecy is finally happening while she and #1 also claim that "he" is coming and they both leave the house with the device.

In The Battle for Swellview, The Cell had been visited by Credenza after discovering the secret identities of Captain Man and Danger Force, handing over the keys to each weapon for The Cell, while mocking #19 for his distaste for pickles in his sandwich. #10, #13 and #19 invade the Nest, attacking Chapa and Miles, gaining the advantage against them, but Mika and Bose appear to take down #19, obtaining his digital mask while #10 and #13 escape. When the Danger Force and Lil' Dynomite tried to confront them, The Cell was able to easily capture them while they were making fun of #19 for putting pickles on pizza.

The Cell also captures Captain Man and Drex in their cave to introduce Credenza while everyone continues to wait for the Comet Monster and listen to how Mika discovered the cult's plans, which were that Credenza would take control of the slayer-hero monster that appeared every two thousand years by the comet, making his faithful followers, The Cell, the new rulers of the Earth. Credenza and The Cell observe with excitement the arrival of the monster thanks to the device, attracting it to Earth. However, the monster got out of control and began to kill all the members of The Cell until it possessed Lil' Dynomite, since according to Mika, the monster's host must be a child. After the Danger Force defeated the monster, all the slain souls revived, including The Cell, and celebrated with Drex when he saw that his lizard hand was healed. Now that he is good, Drex takes a laser, threatening to destroy The Cell, causing all the cult members to flee as Drex mockingly chases after them.

Known Members[]

Please leave a cell empty if identity isn't revealed

Number Identity
#1 I
#2 II
#3 III
#4 IV
#5 V
#6 VI
#7 VII
#8 VIII Frankini
#9 IX
#10 X
#11 XI Grog
#12 XII
#13 XIII
#14 XIV
#15 XV
#16 XVI
#17 XVII
#19 XIX
#20 XX
#24601 XXIVDCI Jeff Bilsky



  • Their number identification on their hoodies are in Roman Numerals.
  • They are a parody of the Court of Owls from the DC Comics.
  • They're the overall main antagonists of Season 3.
  • The only ones with identities revealed are #8, #11 and #24601.