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The Cell Cave
The Cell Cave
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First Appearance

Hey, Where's Schwoz?

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

The Cell Cave is a hidden cave in a mountain in Swellview that serves as the base of operations for The Cell.


In Hey, Where's Schwoz?, the members of The Cell kidnap Schwoz from the Man's Nest and take him to their secret cave, where they hold him prisoner, even though Schwoz spent a span of 3 weeks being rescued by the Danger Force, but when they never arrived, Schwoz was forced by #1 to create an evil device. To rescue Schwoz, Brainstorm disguised himself as #8 thanks to the uniform of Frankini, who resigned from The Cell, although his cover was revealed and the group members also took him as a prisoner in their cave. While The Cell discussed their plans, Schwoz was able to send a signal to Buddy Fudgers to report his and Brainstorm's location to the Danger Force.

When Schwoz and Brainstorm were threatened by #1, the Danger Force teleported to the cave, where they confronted the members of The Cell, freeing Schwoz and Brainstorm. Volt tried to destroy the organization without success, so the Danger Force escaped from the cave and took the cave painting that The Cell obtained. Despite the defeat, #1 gathered The Cell to use the device, since the prophecy would be fulfilled and claiming that "he is coming", but after touching the device, it turns out to be a bomb created by Schwoz, destroying the base of cave.

In Dumber Force, weeks after the cave explosion, The Cell is restored and members #1, #10, #11 and #12 think about revenge for the destruction until they are interrupted by #24601, who reveals himself to be Jeff Bilsky and wanting a lower number, The Cell sends him to convince his millionaire brother, Mitch Bilsky, to buy Swellview High School and make the students dumber, including the Danger Force, except for Brainstorm.

With a camera on a portrait, The Cell observes Mitch's classes that make the kids dumber from the cave, where Jeff repeatedly mentions that the children are now cavemen, accidently insulting #11 since he is a caveman named Grog. After the students become intelligent again, Captain Man tells the Danger Force that Schwoz needed them to see the operation of the newly created evil device, information that The Cell overhears in his cave and celebrates that they had created the device, while Jeff was beaten by Grog due to Jeff insulting him.

In The Battle for Swellview, Credenza arrives at the cave, revealing that she knows the identities of Captain Man and the Danger Force, handing over the keys to the weapons of the Man's Nest, while The Cell members mock #19 for his hatred of the pickles in sandwiches. When Danger Force and Lil' Dynomite tried to confront The Cell, the villains managed to trap them in the cave, while they prepared for the arrival of the Comet Monster and laughed at #19 for the pizza with pickles. Captain Man and Drex tried to save their friends in the cave, but were also captured, while listening to Credenza explain her plan, which Mika discovered, since the monster would be used by Credenza to become the new ruler of Earth. The Cell members watched as the monster was lured into the cave with the device, but the being began killing the members in the cave and then possessed Lil' Dynomite, as its hosts could only be children. With Lil' Dynomite's body, the monster became Dark Dynomite and took over Drex's power after killing him before cutting off Captain Man's head.

The Danger Force managed to save Captain Man's head by putting it in a jar of shrimp and they escaped back to the Nest, while Dark Dynomite left the cave, leaving Credenza worried about her son. After the monster's defeat, all members of The Cell and Drex were resurrected in the cave, with Drex regaining his normal hand, which he was happy about, leading him to celebrate with the cult. However, since he was now a hero, Drex took a laser gun and chased The Cell members throughout the cave to finally put an end to the evil cult.