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[At Swellview Academy for the Gifted. In the classroom, Schwoz is teaching the Danger Force a lesson.]
Schwoz: Okay... time to practice your lying.
[Miles and Chapa groan.]
Schwoz: My friend is on fire, I must run to pour water on his face.
Mika: My friend is on fire and-- --I'm really the only one doing this?
Chapa: As fun as it is to practice lying all day, it's not fun at all and I hate it.
Miles: Hate is a very strong word. And in this case, it's accurate.
Mika: What they're trying to say is that Captain Man bought this school to teach us how to be superheroes. But if all we do is--
Schwoz: Lying is a very important part of being a superhero! You have learn to protect your secret identity.
Chapa: You know what-- we didn't ask for these powers.
Schwoz: Oh, here we go...
Miles: Yeah, you built the weapon that blew up and gave 'em to us when Captain Man and Kid Danger fought Drex.
Bose: You were all... [imitates Schwoz] Aiiiiiiieeee there's a caveman on top of meeeee!
[The kids all laugh.]
Schwoz: Why is that funny? A caveman really was on top of me!
Bose: And Mika was all...
Mika: "Kid Danger needs help!"
Bose: And Captain Man was like...
Chapa: "Just shoot us!"
Bose: But Kid Danger said...
Miles: "If I blast you, you won't be indestructible anymore!"
Chapa: "Neither will Drex! Now shoot us, you quitter!"
Schwoz: I hit a caveman on the head. I was helping.
Bose: And then Kid Danger was like...
Miles: "Hold onto your hoses..." [imitates Omega Weapon firing]
Bose: Explosion!
[They pretend they are "defeated" in their seats.]
Bose: And now I can... Wait, what's my superpower again?
Mika: You can move things with your mind.
Bose: I thought that was Chapa.
Chapa: No, I can shoot lighting bolts from my hands.
Bose: Sick. Then what's Miles' power?
Mika: He can teleport anywhere in the world.
Bose: Filthy. Then what's your superpower?
Miles and Chapa: She doesn't have one.
Bose: [gasps]
Mika: For some reason, my power hasn't shown up. Yet.
Bose: [gasps]
Schwoz: If I could just focus your attention on what--
Bose: Are you scared you'll never get one?
Mika: Pffft. Absolutely not.
Miles: See guys, that's bad lying.
Mika: Actually, dear brother, I'm not scared.
Bose: Whoa, you guys are related?
Miles: You didn't know that?
Chapa: Come on, Bose.
Mika: I know I have a superpower, I'm sure it will show up eventually--
[Schwoz hits the button on an air horn.]
Chapa: Never "Hey" Horn a woman!
Mika: Chapa, relax.
Chapa: Never tell me to relax! We've been here three weeks! We should be learning how to be superheroes, but instead we're practicing lies and getting the "Hey" Horn!
Bose: Hey, I'm already great at lying. Watch-- I am so wearing pants right now.
Miles: Bose, are you not wearing pants right now?
Bose: Not important. But what is important is that I'm takin' Schwoz's "Hey" Horn! [raises Schwoz's horn with his power]
Schwoz: I'm not going to jump for it. I know you want me to jump for it, but I am a man of science and I am not going to-- [jumps trying to reach his horn] hey.
[The kids laugh.]
Miles: Ya' hate to see it...
Schwoz: Give me back my "Hey" Horn!
Chapa: Sure -- soon as you let us fight crime.
Schwoz: It's not up to me! It's up to Captain Man!
Mika: Well, where is he?
Miles: Yeah, the only time Captain Man--
[Surprisingly, Captain Man falls from the ceiling to the floor.]
Chapa: Yes! Let's goooo!
Chapa: I finally get to hurt someone!
Bose: Ahhhh! Ahhh! [turns his desk upside down and pushes a chair]
Mika: Are you wearing a shirt for pants?!
Bose: YES!
Miles: [struggling with Schwoz, trying to remove his horn] Give it to me!
Captain Man: Get off me! [hitting a spoon with a frying pan] GET UP TO THE MAN'S NEST. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!
Mika: Hurry up, you guys! [sitting in her chair, she presses the button that takes her upstairs to the Man's Nest]
Chapa: Don't tell me what to do--
Bose: Anyone wanna see a hot dog?
Miles: I wanna see a hot dog!
[Miles and Bose collide with Chapa, who was trying to draw electricity with her hands, causing them to fall to the floor.]
Schwoz: Oh you hate to see it.
Mika: [comes down from the Man's Nest, as ShoutOut] Get to the Man's Nest! Hit the chairs, let's go upstairs! Up to the nest, then make the arrest! Everyone get seated, so bad guys can get yeeted!
Miles: I'll teleport there.
Mika: No! You can't control where you-- [sees Miles teleport]
[Bose and Chapa go upstairs to the Man's Nest.]
Captain Man: [to ShoutOut] THIS IS NOT A DRILLLLLLLLL!
Mika: I was ready first! [goes upstairs to the Man's Nest]
Schwoz: It's just a drill, right?
Captain Man: [laughs] Yeah.

[At Man's Nest, Chapa and Bose arrive in their chairs. Bose gets up from his chair and runs through the place followed by Chapa.]
Chapa: You're in the Man's Nest!
Chapa: What? No! I am not your mommy, Bose. Let go!
Chapa: Calm down!
[Mika arrives. She pulls something out of the bins on top of the chairs.]
Mika: You guys! Your gum! Catch!
[Miles suddenly appears, causing Chapa and Bose to drop their gums to the floor.]
Chapa: Oh, COME ON!
Miles: [to ShoutOut] I ended up in a bird's nest instead of the Man's Nest. Buncha' dang eagles made me eat a worm!
[Captain and Schwoz arrive.]
Miles: What, no! That's my gum... Give it to me! Give it to me!
[The gums fall on the floor.]
Bose: Aw!
Miles: Oh man!
[The scene is cut to Captain Man and Schwoz sitting on the sofa.]
Captain Man: When'd you build this place?
Schwoz: Last year.
[The kids run behind them.]
Schwoz: I was going to give it to you for your birthday.
Captain Man: Oh. That's so sweet...
[The scene is cut to Bose wearing ShoutOut's costume.]
Mika: How did my gum get mixed in with yours?!
Bose: No idea, but it's my costume now! I have the power to do nothing!
[Bose runs, ShoutOut chases him.]
[The scene is cut to Captain Man and Schwoz watching through one of the Man's Nest windows.]
Captain Man: Can everybody see this place?
Schwoz: Yes.
Captain Man: Well, what happens if bad guys come?
Schwoz: You'll defeat them. You're Captain Man!
Captain Man: Oh. That's so sweet.
[The kids continue to make mess.]
[The scene cuts to the kids standing in position making their bubble gum and putting on their hero costumes.]
Miles: It's our time.
Chapa: That's right.
Bose: This is my cool face.
Captain Man: This was just a drill.
Miles: Not cool!
Chapa: How dare you!
Miles: You are a jerk, sir! A jerk!
Captain Man: And it took you... an hour and a half.
Schwoz: Hokay, who burned the couch?
Chapa: [hides her hands] Bose did it.


[In Man's Nest, Ray shows the kids on a screen the recording of how Bose and Miles collided with Chapa.]
Ray: Annnnnnnnd bam! [laughs] Again 'cuz it's funny-- bam! Alright last time, I swear-- bam! Just kidding I lied-- bam!
Chapa: I'm sick of watching film!
Mika: Captain, can we please go out and fight real crime? I know we look bad in here, but out in the real world we'd be great. I just know it.
Ray: Well look, I'd love to let you guys come along on a crime run. But the truth is... there's a crime drought.
Miles: There is no such thing as a crime drought.
Ray: Is too.
Bose: He's got ya' there.
Ray: Look -- this town's had some tasty crime waves in the past, but Kid Danger and I shredded the gnar and put all the criminals back in prison. Miss ya, Kid... Annnnny-Ray, we're in a crime drought so... Nobody's doin' nothin'.
Schwoz: [on screen] Ray! I've been texting you for ten minutes! Face your phone!
Ray: Ooopsie-Raysie.
Schwoz: I miss one text on a weekend, you threaten to fire me, but I guess it's okay for you to--
Ray: I gotta go!
Mika: Where are you going?
Chapa: Is it an emergency?! Can we come?
Schwoz: [sighs]
Ray: Nah. It's not an emergency at all.
Miles: Then where are you going?
Ray: My friend is on fire. And I...
Schwoz: [clears his throat]
Ray: No? Okay. Oh... I gotta take my aunt... to the cleaners.
Mika: Why?
Schwoz: Because... she's is very large.
Ray: Huge. Big lady. Loves cheese.
Schwoz: She's so huge she needs to be cleaned... in a car wash.
Miles: What?
Ray: [opens a door] Yep! Car wash. Only way my aunt can get a real deep cleaning and she is due.
Mika: Can we come?! We'll call it a practice mission!
Ray: Ooooh, you know I'd love to let you come with but she's really shy and the whole process is honestly disgusting so... bye!
Schwoz: Byyeee!

[Outside the Swellview Zoo, Captain Man is tying two guys with a rope.]
Fannie: Ohhh! Ahhh!
Goon #2: Ehhhh!
Captain Man: Why'd you guys steal a goat, anyway?
Fannie: This isn't just any old goat. This goat can say "butt."
Goon #2: It's worth millions.
Fannie: Yeah.
Captain Man: [scoffs] Goats can't say "butt."
Goat: Buuuuuutt!
Captain Man: Okay, that thing should be president.
Fannie: Just take us to jail, okay?!
Captain Man: No can do. Gonna have to zap you unconscious and drag your sad limp bodies into the woods.
Goon #2: Why? We're not putting up a fight!
Captain Man: Been lying to some kids. Told 'em there's a crime drought. If they find out the truth, they're gonna want to come with me to fight crime and it's gonna be a whole thing--
Trent: Captain Man?
[The KLVY news team arrives.]
Trent: What are you doing?
Captain Man: What... what are you doing?
Mary: It's news team trivia night!
Brian: We meet other news teams at a pub and play trivia games against each other.
Mary: I get to color on the back of my menu!
Brian: Hey is that the goat that says "butt?"
Captain Man: Ah no, no, no...
Goat: Buuuuuut!
Trent: Holy goats, it is. Daner, give me a two-shot. Keep it loose, Hirsch can always blow it up in post. We're going live, people!
[Trent and Brian stand next to Capitan Man, the camera focuses on them. Suddenly, Captain Man starts zapping everyone with his laser.]
Mary: My turn!
[Captain Man zaps her.]
Mary: [falling to the ground] Ohhhhh!
[Captain Man is exhausted.]
Hector Managua: [approaching with another news team] Apúrense, por fin vamos a ganar a KLVY. Captain Man? (Hurry up, we're finally going to beat KLVY.)
Captain Man: ¡Qué onda!
Hector Managua: Hey, ¿ese es el chivo que dice "butt"? (Is that the goat that says "butt"?)
[Captain Man zaps the news team.]
Captain Man: [to the coat] Not one word about any of this. [zaps the coat]
Goat: Buuuuuut!
Captain Man: No "buts"! [leaves the place]

[At Mika and Miles' house. In Mika's room, Mika is in bed.]
Mika: Something's not right.
Miles: I agree.
Mika: [falls to the floor] Aaaahh! [turns on the light and see Miles on the floor] You really freaked me out...
Miles: I'm supposed to be fighting crime. That's my path. But something is blocking my path.
Mika: Why are you even here?
Miles: Because something's not right.
[Chapa appears in the window.]
Mika: Ahh!
Chapa: Something's not right.
Miles: Told ya'.
[Mika and Miles's parents come in, they bring Bose.]
Herman: What the heck is going on?!
Angela: He's been banging on the front door yelling, "Mommy, Mommy I'm a lost little boy in a supermarket and I don't know where I am."
Herman: What the heck is-- ...going on?
Angela: Miles? Mika? What are these children doing here this late?
Mika: We... just found out that we have a surprise test tomorrow. At our school for the gifted! And we need to study. Together.
Bose: Great lie! We've been practicing lies in school lately.
Mika: Lies! [gasps] That's it!
Herman: Why have you been practicing--
Miles: Dad! Our school is private and free stop asking questions!
Angela: Good point.
Herman: 'Night, kids.
[Miles and Mika's parents leave.]
Miles: Love you, Mommy. Bye, Dad. [closes the door] What did you mean when you said, "Lies!"? [gasp] That's it!
Mika: Schwoz said that "lying is a big part of being a superhero".
Chapa: So...?
Mika: So Ray's been lying to us! He didn't have to hose down his massive aunt in a car wash. He went off to fight crime... by himself!
Bose: But how can Ray fight crime when there's a crime drought?
Mika, Miles and Chapa: There is no crime drought!
Bose: You mean Ray's been lying to us?!
Mika, Miles and Chapa: Yes!
Bose: [gasps]

[Ray is teaching the children in the classroom. A train fight clip from Danger & Thunder can be seen on the screen of the board.]
Ray: ...And even though we were on top of a moving train... I still saved the day. Because I'm Captain Man, the End.
Miles: You were encased in concrete most of the time.
Ray: Mmmm... still saved the day. The End.
Chapa: It sounds like Henry, Charlotte, and the Thunderman kids did most of the saving.
Ray: It sounds like you don't know what "The End" means.
[Ray's phone rings.]
Ray: Whaaassuuuuup?!
Schwoz: Whaaaaasuuuuup?! Someone's trying to drill a hole into Swellview Prison so their grandpa can escape!
Ray: On it! [ends call]
Mika: Who was that?
Ray: My... hairdresser. I'm late for my appointment. At the haircut store.
Bose: You gettin' some frosted tips? Blonde highlights are very in right now.
Ray: Yeah sure I'm getting frosted tips. Now move. [runs to the door]
Miles: I think you're lying.
Ray: [stopping] What did you say?
Miles: I said I think you're lying. I don't think you're going to the haircut store at all. I think you're going to fight crime without us.
Ray: Why would I go and fight crime without you guys? I respect all of your "abilities." Equally.
Chapa: Aww. Then I look forward to seeing your blonde highlights when you get back. From the haircut store.
Ray: They'll probably be more subtle... like a strawberry blonde...
Chapa: Yeah. Can't wait.
Ray: or a burnt caramel, kind of tawny color... something tasteful. You guys probably won't even notice. [leaves]
Mika: You guys, he's going to fight crime! At Swellview Prison. I heard Schwoz tell him that on the call.
Chapa: Can you teleport us to Swellview Prison?
Bose: I can try.
Mika: Bose, you can't teleport. That's Miles's power.
Bose: I can still try.
Miles: I'll get us there.
Mika: Will you?! You can't always control where you teleport yet.
Miles: So?
Mika: So what if you accidentally teleport us to Paris? Or inside a volcano? Or to the surface of the moon?
Miles: I dunno. I do know that I'm not staying in this classroom anymore.
Chapa: Me neither.
Miles: Bose! Chew and blow -- it's time to go.
Bose: Sweeeeeeet rhyyyyyyyyme...
Miles: You in, Sis?
[Mika goes for her gum.]
Bose: Yesssssssss!
[The kids change into their hero costumes.]
Schwoz: [comes in] Okay, Ray had to leave, so... Hey, where are you going?
ShoutOut: To the haircut store.
Miles: We're gonna get frosted tips.
[Miles teleports them.]
Schwoz: Frosted tips are very in right now...

[Outside of Swellview prison, a boy is with two goons, they are using a machine to make a hole in a wall.]
Captain Man: All right, ya jerks-- time to kill that drill!
[They ignore him.]
Captain Man: Put your hands in the air like you just do care. About the law.
[They continue to ignore him.]
Captain Man: Brah. Alright, that's it-- Heyyyyyy!
Crank: Captain Man!
Captain Man: Yeah! I'm over here dropping dope rhymes but none of you poops are even paying attention.
Crank: Well sorry, but we were tryin' to break my grandpa out of jail.
Captain Man: Aw, I bet you love him.
Crank: He owes me money. Gonna break his legs.
Captain Man: Well I'm afraid I can't let you do either of those things, son. But... just out of curiosity, how much does he owe you? Because, you know, for a reasonable "collection fee" I could just go in there and--
[They hear to the Danger Force, they are in some bushes.]
Chapa: Where are we?!
Bose: I wanna go home!
Miles: We did it!
[Kids all talking at once.]
Captain Man: Hey! What are you doing here?!
Mika: What are you doing here?!
Captain Man: Fighting crime!
Chapa: That's funny, I thought you were at the haircut store getting frosted tips!
Captain Man: Yeah, well, I went and decided I looked fine the way it was. Get out of there.
Crank: If it's okay with you, I'm gonna go back to breaking my grandpa out of prison now.
Captain Man: No!
Mika: Yeah, no! 'Cuz we're going to stop you!
Captain Man: Uh, I'm gonna stop them actually because I'm the superhero.
Miles: Yeah, a superhero who's been lying to us for a week!
Mika: There hasn't been a "crime drought"!
Chapa: You've just been telling us that, so you fight crime by yourself!
Captain Man: Yeah, you bet I've been lying to you. [to Chapa and Miles] 'Cuz you two can't control your powers. [to Mika] You don't even have one yet. [to Bose] And you, you wear shirts for pants!
Bose: They're called "shants".
Captain Man: Face it, none of you are ready to be superheroes.
Mika: You're right. I don't have a superpower. I might not ever get one, but you know what? Being a superhero isn't about having a superpower. It's about what's inside of you. It's about what's in here.
Bose: Our skeletons.
Mika: Please don't help. I know I've got what it takes to be a superhero, and I know they do, too.
Captain Man: [sighs] Okay. Show me how ready you are.
Mika: Let's do this.
[The kids walk towards the goons.]
Volt: I haven't learned to aim yet.
Mika: Just believe.
Miles: So?
Bose: Can you learn now?
Chapa: [screams]
[Chapa fires a bolt of lightning, but it hits Captain Man, throwing him over a prison wall.]
Captain Man: AHHHHHH!
Chapa: Bose. How could you?
Mika: Get in there and bring back Captain Man.
Miles: Copy that.
Crank: Get 'em.
Stank and Jank: AHHHHHHHH!
Mika, Miles, and Bose: AHHHHHHHHH!
[Chapa shoots a bolt of lightning at Crank's machine, but it bounces off, crashing down on her and throwing her into the bushes.]
Chapa: Ahhhh! Dangit!
[Meanwhile, Bose and Mika are struggling with the goons. Suddenly, Captain Man and Miles appear on a wall, making a hole in it.]
Captain Man: Hey! Heyyyy!
ShoutOut: Captain Man?
Captain Man: We're up here!
Mika: Bose, what are you doing?
[Bose is using his power to lift Crank's machine.]
Mika: Will you guys get down here?
Captain Man: We can't!
Mika: What happened?
Miles: We got stuck in the wall on the way back.
Mika: That can happen?
Miles: I have just learned that it can.
Bose: [grunting]
[The machine falls on Brainstorm and a goon.]
Bose: I thought that would work.
Captain Man: You see? Not. Ready.
Mika: Yes... we... AAARRRRRREEE!!
[Mika's power appears with her scream, she created a hole in the prison wall.]
Mika: You guys, I have a superpower!
Chapa: It's about time.
AWOL: Time reveals all things.
Bose: You can fly?!
[A goon traps Mika in a bush. Meanwhile, Crank's grandfather comes out of prison through the hole.]
Crank: Pop-pop?
Crank's grandfather: Crank, my boy!
Crank: You owe me money!
Crank's grandfather: AHHHHH!!!
[Crank's grandfather runs into the prison, Crank follows him.]
Toddler: Well, well, well. What's going on out here?
Captain Man: Toddler! Get back in your crib!
The Toddler: No! Come on, everybody! We're free again!
Captain Man: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...!
[A bunch of villains escape after The Toddler.]
Frankini: [laughs] Yay!
Goomer: Frankini, wait for me!
The Beekeeper: I can't bee-lieve my luck!
Dr. Minyak: I still have hope for a win!
Jeff: My life has purpose again! Yeah!
The Time Jerker: Time to go!
Captain Man: You happy?
Mika: Yeah! I got a superpower!
Captain Man: You just let every criminal out of Swellview Prison!
Mika: With my superpower!
[Frankini reappears dancing.]
Frankini: Weeeee!
Jack Frittleman: [evil laugh] I started out as a good guy!
The Thumb Buddies: So did we! Heyyyy!
Brainstorm: Hey! I just realized-- we ended the crime drought!
Chapa: Now you have to let us fight crime.
Miles: Yeah, you're gonna need our help to capture all these bad guys.
Captain Man: We'll probably need, like, a hundred hilarious missions to do it. Maybe more!
[Frankini reappears dancing wearing a different outfit.]
Chapa: Are you just going back around and running out over and over again?
Frankini: Check check. Sweetie, I smuggled 75 outfits into this prison and you're going to see every last one of 'em! [continues dancing]
[Criminals continue to escape from prison as Frankini continues dancing.]