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“The Force Returns, Part 1”
Season 3, Episode 1
Air Date

April 20, 2023

Prod. Code



Christopher J. Nowak


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology

Unmasked (Season 2)”


The Force Returns, Part 2

The Force Returns, Part 1 is the first episode of Season 3 of Danger Force. It premiered on April 20, 2023 to an audience of 0.15 viewers.


It's been about three months since Officer Walnut exposed Danger Force's identities to their respectful moms. The Cell members take advantage of Danger Force's absence as Number 1 tells Number 20 that the person Captain Man is tracking is coming.

Meanwhile at the Man's Nest, Ray tries to convince Alejandra, Angela, and Celia to let their kids be superheroes, but to no avail. Bose is working as a goat herder, Miles has started a cult (or a community of like-minded individuals), Mika tries to secretly fight crime at night as a persistent from her mom but Angela keeps thwarting her, and Chapa was on her 20th arrest. Angela leaves Herman and Miles to be watched by Alejandra since Celia hasn't responded to Angela's texts.

Trent and Mary report on the abduction of different moms with Celia being the latest one that was abducted. Chapa informs Bose and the Macklin twins that Alejandra has gone missing. Herman comes in and informs them that Angela has gone missing.

Chapa, Bose, and the Macklin twins go to visit Ray where they blame him for the mom-duction as he denies it. At Schwoz's advice, Ray admits that he secretly implanted tracking devices on all the mothers much to their dismay. Schwoz finds that the trackers are not working as he finds that more moms are getting abducted, including Trent and Mary's. Dr. Spleen tells Trent about how long the motherly energy can remain as Captain Man attacks him.

Schwoz invents a device that can enable Miles to teleport the remaining moms in Swellview to the Man's Nest's basements. It works until the machine is hacked into by No. 20 to send the remaining moms to the Cell much to the dismay of Captain Man. Mika suggests that Danger Force should go find them. Schwoz gives them their gum as Chapa, Bose, and the Macklin twins transform into Volt, AWOL, ShoutOut, and Brainstorm as they prepare to find the missing moms, even their own.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Morgan Peter Brown as Dr. Spleen
  • Stacy Price as Mom
  • Todd Haberkorn (V.O.) / Robert Dill as Numbers 1 and 20


  • This episode resolved the cliffhanger from season 2 finale, Unmasked.
  • Chapa's hair is now black as of this episode.
  • It is revealed that Herman, Alejandro, and Vice Mayor Willard still do not know their kids are or were in Danger Force... yet.
  • The theme song is slightly updated. The opening gags are the same, they're just redone.
  • This episode has the longest opening before the theme song, nearly 11 minutes.
  • Ray revealed he put trackers in all the moms in Swellview.
  • Ray calls himself Anderson Super, who is a news reporter in "The Thundermans".
  • Miles has lost weight as of this episode.
  • It is revealed that Swellview is located somewhere in the middle of North America.

Series continuity[]

  • This takes place 90 days after the events of Unmasked.
  • The bear proof suit from Henry Danger returns.
  • The thermal fusion bat from Gas Or Fail returns.
  • Mary Gaperman’s mom calls her during the news the same way she did in My Dinner With Bigfoot.


  • In reality, Chapa would not have been able to take selfies in prison as her phone would have been confiscated by the police.


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