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“The Force Returns, Part 2”
Season 3, Episode 2
Air Date

April 27, 2023

Prod. Code



Jake Farrow


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology

The Force Returns, Part 1


Big Dynomite

The Force Returns, Part 2 is the second episode of Season 3 of Danger Force. It premiered on April 27, 2023 to an audience of 0.20 viewers.


Captain Man and Danger Force are about to go to look for the missing moms, but no idea on where they are. Meanwhile, Angela, Alejandra, and Celia learn that their absence will cause Swellview to fall apart as confirmed by Number 20 as Angela secretly uses her ring to start digging.

Soon, Swellview starts to fall apart as reported by Trent and Mary. Vice Mayor Willard appears on the news stating that he is resigned without his wife which also caused Judge Tootie, Commissioner Mel, Firefighter Jim, Firestarter Pete, Kevin Durant's brother Darren of the Swellview National Guard, and other officials have also resigned without their maternal figures causing corrupt officials to start appearing as their replacement.

Celia was revealed to have escaped using her ring as she makes it to the Man's Nest. She can't tell them where the rest of the moms are as she forgot. She does recall that she snuck out while Number 20 prevented the others escape by blocking the hole with a large poster of Channing Tatum. Finding a hard shell taco that Celia bought from a cave hermit near the swamp filled by swamp monsters, ShoutOut traces the moms to Thomas Crapper Prison as Captain Man leads Danger Force to rescue the remaining moms.

15 minutes later, Number 20 has punished Angela and Alejandra by aging them in the special massage chair that drains their energy. In the nick of time, Captain Man and Danger Force arrive for the rescue. Captain Man destroys the Channing Tatum poster to bait the moms into following them. Number 20 injects himself with the mom energy enabling him to make a few clones of himself. At Angela and Alejandra's blessings, Danger Force uses their powers to fight Number 20. Volt and ShoutOut combine their powers to defeat Number 20. Thomas Crapper Prison begins to collapse as Danger Force evacuates Angela and Alejandra.

Trent and Mary report on the news of the return of the moms and the reinstatement of the resigned officials. The latter barely happened without the help of Judge Loophole. Angela, Alejandra, and Celia are persuaded to let Danger Force stay together. Captain Man rejoices and accidentally wrecks Channing Tatum's poster further much to everyone's surprise.

Meanwhile, Number 1 mentions that Number 20 is still alive as he tells the rest of the Cell that "he is coming" and that this isn't over.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Robert Dill as Numbers 1 and 20
    • Todd Haberkorn (V.O.)
  • Alicia Taylor Tomasko as Cyndi


  • This is the fifth episode where Danger Force and Captain Man stay in their superhero uniforms throughout the entire episode.
  • The following is a side-by-side list of resigned officials and the corrupt replacement officials who succeeded them during the missing mothers crisis listed from left to right as revealed during Trent and Mary's broadcast:
    • Firestarter Pete - Charl "Chaos" Pyrowicz
    • Commander Gnr. Nat'l Guard Darren Durant - Private Barrold Badman
    • The Commissioner - Sergeant Ben A. Savage
    • Animal Control Director Chip Munkski - Anne R. Key-Becker
    • City Councilman Billy Noble - Mr. Shady Frauderson
    • Police Chief Fressica Goodman - Officer Robbin Margins
    • City Attorney Crystal Clear - Emma B. Bribing, Esq.
    • City Manager Dossman Kindheart - A. Pawn Kingsbury-Brookins
    • Treasurer Cierra Money - Jimmy Crooks Jr.
    • Public Health Director Jake Lively - Cronytheus Cougherton
    • Admiral Nis Chrowak - Shamar S.S. Sinks
    • Warden Knetchel - "Prison Mike"

Series continuity[]

  • Danger Force's moms officially let them back in the group, and they now know Ray's secret ID.
  • Ray, Miles, Chapa, and Bose ran off to action without a plan using different methods like how Henry, Jasper, and Piper did in Captain Drex.



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