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“The Girl Who Cried Danger”
Season 2, Episode 12
Mika and Chapa - The Girl Who Cried Danger
Air Date

February 17, 2022

Prod. Code



Dicky Murphy


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology

Bottle Snatchers


Bilsky's Billions

The Girl Who Cried Danger is the twelfth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on February 17, 2022 to an audience of 0.37 million viewers.


Ray has the Danger Force doing some spring cleaning to the Man's Nest along with Schwoz when Bose comes in the room and tells them that his parents are mad at him for not cleaning his room, and are surprisingly, sending him away on a trip to Jamaica for the weekend as punishment, but he doesn't realize it's just because they want to get him out of the house.

After he leaves, the team realizes that Mika is exempt from the spring cleaning which leads to Chapa complaining about her not doing any work. Ray then tells them that it's because he has her using the computers of the Man's Nest to track down one of the new criminals they've been trying to catch called Greasy Grady. Just then, the emergency phone line rings and they are informed there is someone in danger at local restaurant, and indoor amusement and gaming arcade Duke E. Dawg's, who needs rescuing. Ray, Chapa, Mika, and Miles, then pop their Danger Force and Captain Man gumballs to transform into their superhero suits and they head off there with Ray to investigate.

Once they get there, they realize the person in danger is–quite harmlessly, just stuck in the ball pit, much to their disappointment. Once they "rescue" her, they learn the girl is named Riley and that she's an incredibly huge and obsessed fan of Danger Force, especially of Volt and ShoutOut, as the female members of the team. She asks AWOL, Volt, and ShoutOut for a picture, and when they snap the picture she shows off her Volt and ShoutOut jacket and t-shirt. After the picture, she then asks Volt and ShoutOut to stay so she can sing them a big musical number that she prepared. Riley plays an electric guitar that she pulled out of the ball pit with an amplifier and sings them a jaunty fan song about how much she loves them. Trying to be nice, Volt and ShoutOut listen to the song, rocking out to it and dancing to it as she does a good job performing it.

Back at the Man's Nest later on, Riley sends Volt and ShoutOut a sculpture and gift baskets with their favorite candies. Mika and Chapa love and are quite flattered with the gifts and the praise they're getting from Riley, but Miles acts a little bit jealous towards them. He then denies being jealous and says that he's just suspicious of Riley and thinks she's being "overly extra." Ray then comes in the room with a bunch of rubber bands that he tells Miles he intends to put around a watermelon to squeeze it to see how many rubber bands squeezing around it will cause it to explode. Ray also tells them that he thinks Riley is a Stage One Clinger, and says he'll explain to them what that is if they agree to a lecture from him in the S.W.A.G. school classroom. Before they go, Miles puts one more rubber band on the already tightly squeezed watermelon that Ray gave him, and it rumbles as if it's going to explode, but then doesn't do anything. Then when they get closer to it, it actually does explode splattering its juicy insides all over them.

Later in the S.W.A.G. classroom downstairs, Ray explains to the Danger Force team that as they become more popular as superheroes they will sometimes encounter some unhealthy fans, and he shows them a picture of a kid fan dressed as Captain Man, and a picture of Jasper from the original Henry Danger. Mika and Chapa argue that Riley is not an unhealthy obsessed fan but that she's just probably going through a normal phase of expressing her love as a fan of their celebrity, but Miles argues back that she's just creating fake dangerous scenarios just to get the two of them to rescue her and argues that she's an unhealthy fan who may not be as innocent as she seems, no matter how well-intentioned.

Ray then shows them that he has a Clinger Scale: a scale measuring how obsessive a superhero fan is. He says Stage 1 is when they set up a scenario of fake danger to attract the superheroes' attention, Stage 2 is when they do it again, and start to do it even more frequently. He argues that Riley is only in Stage 1 but that she may have the potential to progress to Stage 2. Stage 3, he argues, is when they start to clip off their favorite superhero's hair to save a personal sample. Schwoz then comes in and says they have another emergency and they learn Riley is in danger at Duke E. Dawg's once again.

When Volt and ShoutOut arrive there again, Riley reveals that she made up a fake emergency of her cutting her finger on a fork. When Volt and ShoutOut try to help, they then realize the blood on her finger is just ketchup. This then leads them to trying to tell her that she doesn't have to create fake emergency scenarios just to get their attention and that she should only call them for real emergencies and they try to politely and respectfully convince her to not be so obsessive. When Riley then moves in to hug the two of them she clips off a small sample of each of their hair, revealing that she's already at Stage 3 on the Captain Man Clinger Scale.

Back at the Man's Nest again, Chapa and Mika try to lie to Ray about Riley's emergency call. Ray then tells them that their Riley is indeed a clinger and that they're gonna need his advice on how to get Riley off their back. Miles then shows up and reveals that he caught the criminal named Greasy Grady and brings him to Ray. Greasy Grady actually tells them that he was impressed by how Miles caught him and how they both shared a few laughs over how they met while he was taking a grease bath and how he tried to escape from Miles through a women's beach volleyball tournament. He also reveals that his real name is Kevin. Ray congratulates Miles and says he's proud of him, even giving him a reward of some of the super weapons in the Man's Nest, leading Mika and Chapa to become jealous of Miles.

Ray then tells Mika and Chapa that they have to find a new host to get rid of Riley: a new person or thing for her to focus on so that she'll get off their back and leave them alone. Mika and Chapa then decide to pass Riley off on to Miles to get rid of her. They then plan to stage a crime with Schwoz pretending to be a burglar robbing the Duke E. Dawg's and taking Riley hostage, and they pretend to get hurt so that they call Miles for backup, and hope that Riley will shift her clinger obsession to Miles when he "rescues" her from Schwoz. They then put him in disguise as The Toddler.

When Schwoz goes there, he pretends to be The Toddler and pretends to rob the place as Riley tries to call for Volt and ShoutOut. Volt and ShoutOut show up and pretend to fight with "The Toddler" and Schwoz (disguised as The Toddler) takes it too far and actually hurts Chapa and Mika for real, surprising them as they didn't know he had learned to fight that well.

Back at the Man's Nest, Miles is hanging out and having fun with Ray and he gets a call from Mika, realizing Mika and Chapa are calling for him to come for backup to help save them. Ray and Miles then head to the Duke E. Dawg's where Schwoz has Chapa, Mika, and Riley tied up and restrained as hostages. Before they arrive, though, things take a turn for the worse as the real Toddler shows up after Chapa reveals that she stole his outfit from him while he was asleep to give it to Schwoz for their fake crime.

The Toddler tries to fight and beat up Schwoz when Captain Man and AWOL show up. Schwoz keeps up his guise as he fights the Toddler, leading to an all-out brawl between them and Miles and the Toddler's goons. The real Toddler then escapes, and Miles lets his goons leave as well. Just then one of the weapons Ray gave him accidentally zaps the net hanging from the ceiling that Schwoz trapped Riley in and causes it to burst into flames. The girl discovers and realize that she was about to fall into the ball bit. in slow motion the girl falls her though said to Volt and shoutout “I trusted you.” Volt and shoutout discover that the girl is falling into a ball bit, they both apologized her. Schwoz then leaps into action to rescue Riley and save her. Riley then shifts her clinger obsession to The Toddler (whom she still doesn't realize is Schwoz dressed up in disguise), and Mika and Chapa then apologize to Miles for setting up the whole ruse.

As the episode ends, the Danger Force team and Ray come back to the Man's Nest and realize Bose is back from his weekend trip to Jamaica. Ray then realizes some of his stuff they were attempting to clean out from the spring cleaning that he intended to keep is missing, and Bose points out that the Greasy Grady criminal, Kevin took it. They all share a laugh as Ray tries to go downstairs to find Kevin and get his stuff back.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Isabella Meneses as Riley
  • Eddie Blackwell Williams as Kevin / Greasy Grady
  • Noah James as Duke E. Dawg
  • Tim Sitarz as Ponzi


  • The episode title is a reference on the story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
  • Duke E. Dawg's is a parody of Chuck E. Cheese's.
    • The set was reused from the Funk E. Fester's set from the iCarly episode "iBust a Thief".
  • Bose has a minor role in this episode as he only appears in the first and last scene.
    • Bose does not appear as Brainstorm throughout the episode.
  • It is revealed Ray is a huge fan and may have a celebrity crush on the singer Adele, as he has many of her concert t-shirts that Schwoz wants to donate. He even tries to stop Schwoz from getting rid of them.
  • This is a reference to the iCarly episode, "iAm Your Biggest Fan", where a crazy fan named Mandy would not leave Carly, Sam, and Freddie alone.

Series continuity[]


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