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The Spoiler
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The Spoiler



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Noland Ammon

The Spoiler is a teenage villain in Henry Danger who spoils new movies and TV shows. He is portrayed by Noland Ammon.


The Spoiler is a jerky teenager who lives in Swellview. His real name is unknown. He finds out what's going to happen in TV shows and movies, and then tells people the ending or plot, thus ruining it for everyone.


A month before the premiere of Galaxy Wars 9, he was arrested by the Swellview Police Department, but was released a little while after, thus continuing his spoiling spree. The Spoiler first spoiled the series finale of a show called Walking Orange for Ray, Henry, Charlotte, and everybody in Swellview causing them to go insane. He wasn't able to spoil it for Schwoz, who had turned his phone off.

Then one day, he had plans to show up at the Swellview Monoplex. He had inside information about what happens in Galaxy Wars 9, and was going to spoil it for everybody there. Luckily, Charlotte told everybody to cover their ears, much to the Spoiler's pleads not to. At the monoplex, Kid Danger fought the Spoiler but the former was taken down, angering Piper Hart to viciously beat him nearly to death with a Glowbat. Captain Man then showed up with security, who took the Spoiler away.


Due to the indelible mark he left on the minds of Swellview citizens, some are still plagued by the Spoiler's influence when it came to spoiling the ending of the new movie Battle Pigs 4: Skyfall. This proved to be a nuisance for Captain Man, who did not want to know the ending of the film until he saw it himself.


  • Level 5 Computer Knowledge: According to Schwoz, only someone with level 5 computer knowledge is able to do something like find out what's going to happen in TV shows and movies and send out a text to everyone in Swellview, which implies that The Spoiler is a hacker.
  • Enhanced Strength: He was able to push Henry across the floor, and almost break his arm.
  • Martial Arts: He successfully took down Kid Danger.


  • Ignorance: When people ignore what he says, he can't spoil anything for anybody. Charlotte told everybody in the theater to stick their fingers in their ears and go "Lalalalalalalalala!", which made the Spoiler want everyone to hear him.


  • His height is 5'8", according to his mug shot.
  • The Spoiler is a teenager, making him the youngest villain in the series.
    • Derek and Maddy Richards look the same age as the Spoiler, but they didn't count because it's never said they're teenagers (they might be pre-teens).