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“The Supies”
Season 2, Episode 15
The Supies BTS
Air Date

April 9, 2022

Prod. Code



Rachel Wenitsky


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology

Jack the Clipper


Alien Zoo

The Supies is the fifteenth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on April 9, 2022 to an audience of 0.43 million viewers.


At the Man's Nest, the Danger Force are finishing a giant castle-like fortress out of large building blocks. Miles takes the last building block that Chapa gives him and holds it up in the air, as he recites a liturgical priestly-sounding chant as he places it on the top of the wall of the fortress. After they finish, Schwoz comes in in a panicked frenzy wearing his bear suit. He then tells the Danger Force teens that he's hiding from Ray because he believes he is going to be very angry when he hears the bad news he has.

Schwoz then tells them that the nominations for The Supie Awards, an annual superhero awards show, came in and that Ray didn't get nominated for any awards at all. The Danger Force team then hide Schwoz behind their big building block fortress as Ray comes in. Ray seems to be mildly happy and in a good mood, as he just got finished eating some chicken from a local restaurant he went to. When Ray walks over to the fortress and notices Schwoz in his bear suit, he gets angry, feeling like Schwoz is hiding something from him.

Schwoz then tells him the truth, and then two minutes later, Ray goes on such an extreme rampage that he tears up the room, and beats up Schwoz and the Danger Force kids, leaving them lying around on the floor injured and with their clothes tattered and torn. Ray is so angry that when Mika and Chapa get up, they restrain Ray and pin him against the door to get him to calm down. He goes into a rampage again when Bose inadvertently mentions Ray not getting any Supie award nominations, and the second time around his rampage is even worse. Finally, Mika and Chapa pin him to the floor again and finally get him to calm down for good.

After he gets back up, Bose then gets a notification on his phone telling them that the Danger Force team was nominated for a Supie award, but still not Ray. He tells them that they got nominated for "Best Sidekicks" Award. Ray then tells them that he feels like their getting nominated for the Best Sidekicks Award reflects how good of a job he's been doing training them to be sidekicks so he feels like the award nomination should really be shared between him and them; the Danger Force team disagree.

Miles then asks Ray if they can celebrate their nomination with his permission, and although he's agitated and annoyed, he reluctantly says yes. Bose then pops a sparkling cider bottle and shoots the cap off of it, but the cap to the bottle ricochets off the wall and hits their fortress, knocking it down and causing it to fall apart.

Later that night, Ray and Schwoz are in the Man's Nest cleaning up and Ray is still feeling sad and annoyed that he didn't get any nominations or invitations to the Supies. The Danger Force teens then teleport back to the Man's Nest wearing their formal clothes and attire for the Supie Awards. They are excited for the awards, but they also tell Ray that while they're at the awards, they hired someone to babysit him. Ray is offended that they got him a babysitter and protests saying he's not a child and doesn't need a babysitter just because he got angry and sad about the Supie Awards and wants to go out fighting crime to punch and fight out his feelings with his fists.

However, it is then revealed that they asked and hired Henry to babysit Ray at the Man's Nest, and Henry comes inside to greet Ray and wish the Danger Force teens good luck with the Supie Awards. Ray is excited and happy to see Henry, but he's offended that they hired a babysitter for him at all, let alone Henry of all people. They then teleport and leave to go to the awards, leaving Henry and Ray in the Man's Nest alone.

Ray and Henry engage in small talk until Henry tells Ray that he took an oath to the Danger Force to not allow him to leave the Man's Nest until they return. Henry then uses his force field to restrain Ray and keep him attached to his presence, to make sure he doesn't try to sneak out.

Later, Ray and Henry are sitting on bean bag chairs and playing some video games on their TV. Henry, however, is still treating Ray in a patronizing manner as if he's a child, much to Ray's annoyance. Schwoz then comes inside and says he needs Ray to kill a cockroach he saw in the shower. When Schwoz realizes Henry is back, he hugs Henry and asks Henry to do it instead. Schwoz then takes a seat next to Ray, and tells Ray that he has a way to allow Ray to sneak out of the Man's Nest. Schwoz then reveals he temporarily enlarged Tiny Ray, Ray's clone, and tells Ray that Tiny Ray can pretend to be him while the real Ray sneaks out.

Ray then transforms into a fake supervillain alias, Mr. Hawk, and leaves to go sneak into the Beatin' Dungeon for The Villies, an underground awards show for supervillains and criminals. Henry then comes back and realizes that Tiny Ray is a clone when he hears Tiny Ray's voice. Schwoz then tells Tiny Ray to run away, but Henry is still a little bit confused to do anything. At the convention center with the Supie Awards, the Danger Force team goes inside the auditorium to sit at their table. They sit next to several other weird sidekicks who make them feel weirded out and who they also find out they're going to be competing against, especially two toad-men, the Bro Toads, who claim they've won the Best Sidekicks Award for four straight years. Henry then comes to the Supie Awards and confesses to them that he lost Ray. They then tell Henry he may be at the Beatin' Dungeon dressed up as a fake supervillain.

At the Beatin' Dungeon, Frankini is hosting the supervillain awards when Ray arrives and transforms into his Captain Man supersuit. The security at the Beatin' Dungeon then try to restrain Ray. Back at the Supies, Frankini calls them and let's them know they're holding Ray hostage at the Beatin' Dungeon.

The Danger Force team then angrily decides to go save Ray and see if they can hurry back in time to hear the award results for the Best Sidekick. At the Beatin' Dungeon, the villains also restrain the Danger Force team as well along with Ray. The villains proceed to taunt and torture them, each with their own special supervillain powers. Miles then manages to get free and teleports back to the Supies to get Henry to come back with them and save them and Ray. Henry, however is tied to a chair because a superhero thought he was just a regular person trespassing on the Supie Awards. Miles them teleports him to the Beatin Dungeon with the chair and Henry uses the chair to his advantage to help fight and beat up the villains. He also helps free the other Danger Force teens and Ray, so that they all can fight the villains together. Breaking the chairs and using the arms of the chairs tied around their wrists like nun-chucks, they manage to fight the villains and eventually win.

They then rush to teleport back to the Supies where it's announced that the Bro Toads unfortunately won the Best Sidekicks award. Ray then interrupts their acceptance speech and uses it to say the Danger Force should've won the award and he uses the opportunity to apologize to them for not being happy for their nomination and for ruining their special night. Ray then accepts the award on their behalf, and takes the Danger Force and Henry back to the Man's Nest as the Bro Toads try to chase after him. Back at the Man's Nest, the Danger Force team, specifically Chapa, Miles, Mika, and Henry then play a video game together called "Grand Horse Theft", a video game about characters going around stealing peoples horses and wagons, riding their horses and wagons around, either committing crimes or doing good deeds, as the episode ends.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Jason Gibbs as Lawn Ranger
  • Derek Graf as Gas Clown
  • Gene Freeman as Mop Man
  • Will Barker as Mercury Man
  • Andre Boyer as LightSpeed
  • Lazarus Tate as Bro Toad Ted
  • Ethan Drew as Bro Toad Todd
  • Nida Khurshid as Major Babe
  • Aren Farrington as Dr. Dandruff
  • Gene Freeman as Mop Man
  • Edwin Garcia II as Sweaty Eddie
  • Anthony Manough as Papa Razzi
  • J.R. Sawyers as Mosquito Man
  • Jake Huang as Tyler Mayhem
  • Jessie Graff as Ethel Monroe
  • Jeri Habberstad as Skela-Torrie


  • The Supies and The Villies are a parody of the Emmys, the Oscars, and the Golden Globe Awards.
  • Like previous episodes that aired in 2021, this episode aired on Saturday instead of Thursdays like previously 2022 aired episodes.
    • This is the only episode to air on a Saturday instead of Thursday in 2022.
  • This episode lead into the 2022 Kids' Choice Awards.
    • Ironically, this is the second episode to air that lead into the KCA after Miles Has Visions.
  • This is the second time Danger Force (except for AWOL) is seen with their masks instead of their full suits. The first was Manlee Men.
  • The theme song and opening sequence was redone.
  • The way Ray interrupts the Bro Toads' speech is an allusion to the way Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009.
  • Ray not being invited to the Supies is an allusion to many stars who weren't invited to the 2022 Oscars even though they were nominees or a part of the film.
  • The video game they play at the end of the episode is a parody of the Grand Theft Auto video game series.

Series continuity[]

  • This is the fourth appearance of Henry Hart.
  • Hawkfist's outfit from the Villains' Night episode returns.
  • Schwoz uses the Super Sucker from Charlotte Gets Ghosted.
  • This episode premiered on Jasper Dunlop Day, back in Henry Danger Season 2.


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