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“The Wahoo Punch Bro”
Season 1, Episode 8a
The Wahoo Punch Bro
Air Date

May 19, 2018

Prod. Code



Dan Schneider
Sean Gill
Jana Petrosini


Donovan Cook

Episode Chronology

Magical Beefery Tour


Pink Rocket

Cool. I tumble-dressed.
— Henry

The Wahoo Punch Bro is the first part of the eighth episode of The Adventures of Kid Danger. It premiered on May 19, 2018 to an audience of 0.86 million viewers.


When the Wahoo Punch Bro runs amok through Swellview, Captain Man and Kid Danger must find a way to stop him.


Jake's car is on fire but Piper can't call the police because she's taking Shellfies, which are selfies with shellfish. Henry falls down the stairs, getting dressed on the way down. Jake says he's thirsty and the Wahoo Punch Bro breaks through the wall, blasting Henry with Wahoo Punch. Then, he goes to Junk n' Stuff to see a bunch of videos explaining that the Wahoo Punch Bro has gone insane from a messed up commercial. Then, Jasper says Thirsty and the Wahoo Punch Bro bursts in, blasting Shwoz who has a new invention, the Super Sniffer, which they use to stop the Wahoo Punch Bro, but not before tackling an extremely ordinary man. the Wahoo Punch Bro is on a water tower because he's going to pour Wahoo Punch into the water supply and then knock it over. Captain Man tells the Wahoo Punch Bro to come down, but he refuses. Then, Charloette and Shwoz fly up in the Man-Copter and grab the Wahoo Punch Bro in a claw, flying him to France. Then, Trent accidentally hits the water tower, but they use Mary's skirt to make it fall into Bordertown instead. Then, they all get massages while carnage is happening in Bordertown.

Voice Cast[]

International Premieres[]

  • July 20, 2018 (Latin America)
  • September 15, 2018 (France)


  • The Wahoo Punch Bro is a parody of the Kool-Aid Man and nearly resembles him.
  • Wahoo Punch Bro is voiced by Jerry Trainor, who played the roles of Crazy Steve in Drake and Josh, Spencer Shay in iCarly and Dudley Puppy in TUFF Puppy.
  • This is Jake Hart and Vice Mayor Willard's first appearance in the animated series.
  • The Wahoo Punch Bro freaking out on the set of a commercial is a reference to Christian Bale yelling at a crew member during the filming of 2009's Terminator Salvation.


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