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Well, that's all fine and yummy, but this ghost has no tummy.
— Tilda explaining her inability to digest.
Full Name




Resides in

Swellview (formerly)
Afterlife (currently)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Herman Macklin (on her side)


Schwoz Schwartz
Mika Macklin
Chapa De Silva
Bose O'Brian


Ray Manchester
Miles Macklin (on his side)

First Appearance

SW.A.G is Haunted

Last Appearance

SW.A.G is Haunted

Portrayed By

Courtney Hawkins
Terrence Little Gardenhigh (while possessing Miles)

Tilda is a ghost who used to live in SW.A.G before being purchased by Schwoz and a minor character in Danger Force.

She is portrayed by Courtney Hawkins.

Description & Personality[]

She is an elegant lady from the 19th century who is somewhat dramatic and fascinated by being a ghost, although she is sometimes saddened by not being alive. She is quite happy when she experiences what she could never experience with the help of her new friends, the Danger Force, except for Ray, and tries to extend her list so as not to have to ascend to the afterlife. Tilda is also flirtatious when talking to Herman Macklin.


In SW.A.G is Haunted, before Schwoz bought SW.A.G, Tilda used to live happily as a ghost inside the school, refusing to ascend to the afterlife because of her wish list. After purchasing the school, she demonstrated to Schwoz, who had to help her complete her list such as dancing, drawing portraits, and playing the piano. When Ray and his four students confront Schwoz, he reveals Tilda, who annoys Ray, since she was spying on him while he dyed his hair, angering him, while Schwoz told how he must help Tilda to ascend to the afterlife, showing the long list, convincing Mika, Chapa and Bose to help Tilda. With the kids' help, Tilda rode a bike with Chapa, did math with Mika, and did stand-up comedy in front of Bose, who laughed at her jokes.

After practicing chopping wood, Tilda realized that was the end of her list, however, she revealed that she had made new lists, frustrating Ray, who used a machine created by Schwoz to stop his heart for an hour and become a ghost, challenging Tilda to a ghost fight. Tilda agreed to the fight, fighting Ray, whom she was able to defeat, but Mika interrupted her, asking the real reason for not ascending. Tilda answered that to do it she wanted to eat a meat carrot and just then, Mika remembered that Miles and her father, Herman, were cooking one, devising a plan to get Tilda to eat the carrot. The three kids placed Tilda in a glass and after several failed attempts, they gave Miles to drink from the glass, making Tilda possess him to eat the meat carrot, while talking about the women of his time and flirting with Herman. After finishing the carrot, Tilda finally ascended to the afterlife and said goodbye to her friends, terrifying Herman.



  • She is the first deceased character to appear as a ghost in the Dangerverse.
  • Due to her being a ghost, she is different compared to the Ghost in the Haunted Hathaways.