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The Time Machine is a time travelling device formerly owned by the Time Jerker and now located in the Man Cave. It can transport any living being or inanimate object through the portal of time and through different time periods.


In The Time Jerker, Time Jerker keeps the Time Machine hidden in the Swellview Clock Tower. While there, he uses it for various time related crimes, including littering (he throws trash to the Cretaceous Period). This is also where Kid Danger falls through the machine and relives the same day until he perfects it.

In Secret Beef, the time machine can be seen in the background as Captain Man and Kid Danger speak to Evelyn Hall on the news. Ray explains that as thanks for stopping the Time Jerker and his time machine, that they should be invited to have dinner at Montego's.

In Ox Pox, Captain Man goes back in time to 1709 to retrieve an extinct species of bird that can cure Piper’s ox pox. At the same time, an old version of Ray arrives from 50 years in the future of that current time (2066). Doc and Marty also jump through the portal by accident and promptly leave after saying their famous catchphrases. It is presumed they arrived from 1985, the same year as the movie ‘Back to the Future’.

In Back to the Danger Part 1 and Back to the Danger Part 2, the time machine is used to transport Drex, Captain Man, and Kid Danger back and forth from 1989. They also use it to send Drex back in time 100 million years ago, where he gets frozen in ice.

In A Tale of Two Pipers, Future Piper arrives from an apocalyptic future and tells them about a killer robot coming to kill her past self. Schwoz used parts from the machine to create a device that traps the robot boy in a time loop.

Periods shown or referenced[]

  • The Cretaceous Period (65 million years ago)
  • 1709
  • 2066 (50 years from 2016)
  • 1985 (Presumed due to Doc & Marty reference)
  • 1989
  • 100 Million Years Ago

Known Users[]


Other Henry Danger media[]


  • In the Beginning of the End, The Time Jerker also designed a portable time travel device called the ‘Time Ray’, which works as a dark matter fluctuater. Henry and Ray explain they had just fought the Time Jerker and chased him back to Ancient Rome with the new device. Drex later used this device in Captain Drex to send Ray 101 million years into the past.