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Below is the timeline of the Dangerverse. While there are no specific dates mentioned in episodes (save for a select few), it will be implied the Dangerverse's events began around the same year Henry Danger premiered, the year being 2014. Also, the ages of the show's characters is subject to debate.

Inspiration for the Dangerverse timeline is here.


24 A.D.

  • The Comet Monster passes Earth. It would not be seen again for 2000 years.


  • Captain Man travels back to this year to find a cure for Piper's illness called ox pox.










  • April 27 - Carl Manchester experiments molecular density on a sheet of glass at Glass Tech Industries during "Take your Kid to Work" day. His son Ray (then 8) accidentally falls victim to the densitizer and becomes indestructible.





  • Ray Manchester becomes the super hero Captain Man.


  • Drex is born. (presumably 1990, no later than 1992)
  • Mitch Bilsky is born. (presumably 1989, no later than 1990)
  • Bysh Bilsky is born. (presumably 1997, no later than 1998)





  • Brad Belcher is accidentally turned invisible by Ray. For 15 years, he would hold a grudge against his friend for becoming invisible.



  • Drex becomes Captain Man's sidekick; however, their alliance is short lived when Drex almost destroys his mentor and he is sent to jail, keeping his silence on knowing his mentor's secret identity.
  • September 19 - Heather Bogart begins her criminal career by breaking into a museum, her first crime. She would commit five more felonies before 2018.





  • Henry Hart becomes Kid Danger, under the guise that he has a job at Junk N' Stuff. His family initially are unaware that he is Kid Danger until years later.
  • The Toddler hatches a scheme to turn all the babies in Swellview into killer monsters. He also kidnaps Captain Man but he is defeated and not seen for a very long time by Captain Man's new sidekick Kid Danger.
  • The Phone Shark goes on a cellphone eating spree and destroys civilians' phones. He is defeated by Kid Danger.
  • Charlotte finds out Henry is Kid Danger causing Ray/Captain Man to temporarily fire him but eventually rehiring him along with Charlotte.
  • Captain Man becomes temporarily destructible when Dr. Minyak's assistant Nurse Cohort uses a potion of Jolly Beetle tears on him. They escape when his plan is foiled.
  • Jasper dresses as Kid Danger for Halloween and is mistaken as the sidekick by petty thief Jeff. He is eventually rescued by Captain Man.
  • Chapa's phone is stolen by Bose during playtime at Duke E. Dawg's around this time.


  • The heroic duo go on a mission to bring down a graffiti gang called the Wall Dogs. Kid Danger manages to get some information from one member. Seemingly betraying Captain Man, Kid Danger joins the gang to locate their leader Van Del's hideout and the ruse works perfectly, where Van Del and his gang are brought to justice.
  • Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort hide in a biker shop and lure Charlotte victim to Minyak's experiment. The heroes foil his plan and he and Nurse Cohort have their brains warped.
  • The Toddler resurfaces in Swellview Park nearly harming a playground of children.



  • Drex is freed from his frozen imprisonment and goes back in time to 1989 to rewrite history for Ray Manchester. He briefly becomes indestructible, but he is defeated by Captain Man and Kid Danger and sent back to the Cretaceous period.
  • A crazy social media star attempts to reveal Captain Man and Kid Danger's secret identities to Swellview and the world. But thanks to the help of their allies, they are able to thwart this villains plan.


  • Children mysteriously begin to vanish all over Swellview. The heroes suspect Evil Science Corp to be behind the disappearances and later, the creation of a dimensional portal. The kids are discovered in the portal and brought back to Swellview.


  • During Swellview's annual Cactus Con, the world's most poisonous cactus is stolen for a ransom of $1 million while the Man Cave is hacked, all while the heroes defeated a group of henchmen in their best attempts to defend the cactus.
  • A man named Rick Twitler is responsible for the theft of the cactus and imprisons both Captain Man and Kid Danger through ruses, subsequently steals Kid Danger's powers, and uses them to create a virus that will destroy Swellview's cyberspace. Fortunately with some courage and bravery in Kid Danger himself, he, and Captain Man put a stop to Twitler's plan and wipe his memory of being evil.
  • Frankini uses a semi-hypnotic machine that puts all of Swellview into a musical trance where everybody sings and dances. With some help and encouragement from the likes of Captain Man, Kid Danger, Piper Hart and Goomer, Frankini's plot is ultimately foiled.
  • Captain Man and Kid Danger go undercover to locate the ever elusive mob boss Rob Moss at his daughter's birthday party. They are successful in capturing him as he is finally brought to justice.
  • After 15 years have passed, Schwoz invented a visibility machine to make Brad visible again, after helping Ray and Henry catch a thief.



  • S. Thompson finds a man frozen in a block of ice on Mount Swellview.
  • The Time Jerker resurfaces after years of hiding.
  • Drex plots to wipe Swellview’s memory of ever knowing Captain Man is their hero and take his place, while destroying him and Kid Danger, or anyone who stands in his way.
  • Drex is defeated once and for all. Henry gives up the Kid Danger identity, and Captain Man opens up a school to train a new team of superheroes.
  • Celia O'Brian and Vice Mayor Willard got engaged.
  • Danger Force is formed by Captain Man.
  • The great escape from Swellview Prison occurs when ShoutOut screams a hole in a wall allowing every criminal to escape.
  • The names of the Danger Force were announced by KLVY News.
  • A gas leak from Swellview Bhutt Factory made everyone quarantine at home as ordered by Vice Mayor Willard.
  • Henry Hart returns to Swellview but is followed by a bounty-hunter named BlackOut.
  • Archduke Fernando pranked himself in order to initiate a new prank war between Swellview and Rivalton so people would buy his supplies.
  • The prank war between Swellview and Rivalton ended.
  • December 23 - Volt shot down Santa Claus' sleigh, allowing Krampus to escape from San Bernardino and putting Christmas in danger. Good innocent people are turned into Krampons by Krampus until Captain Man gave up one of the jet skis turning Krampus good again. The Danger Force delivered the rest of the presents undoing millions of Krampons.


  • Captain Man was selected to be on the cover of a magazine called Supes Illustrated.
  • Bose's mom Celia comes to visit and Schwoz reveals that there is a radioactive cat on the loose.
  • The Time Jerker gives up his evil ways to run a store.
  • Captain Man goes on strike and makes a $9,000,000 pro-crime commercial encouraging Swellview citizens to go on a crime spree.
  • After a century of haunting SW.A.G. Tilda, with the help of the Danger Force, is released into the afterlife.




  • The Comet Monster returns to Earth after 2000 years have passed, and would start to terrorize the Danger Force.

Unknown dates

  • The Wall Dogs vandalize Ray Manchester's playhouse. It is unknown what date this takes place, because it is not made clear if Ray had his powers then or not.
  • In Caved In, Ray said he did not have a normal childhood due to his powers. What doesn't make sense is at the age he got his powers (8 years old), he had plenty of years behind him to have a normal childhood.
  • Jake and Kris Hart get married.
  • Between 2014-15, Evelyn Hall changed her last name from "Velasco" to "Hall", implying that she either got married or divorced in that span. She later gets engaged to a cameraman.
  • Carl Manchester may have been born either late 1940s or early 1950s.
  • Gooch may have been born either late 1950s or early 1960s.
  • While Schwoz attends college in 1989, he may have started attending earlier, due to his unique intellect specializing in mechanics and animation.
  • Dentist Thomas James becomes Drill Finger.
  • Van Del becomes leader of the Wall Dogs.
  • Alien Girl arrives in Swellview.
  • Evil Science Corp begins operations. Founded by its namesake Bill Evil, the corporation is big in Swellview and deceives the public of its true nature as a company.
  • Schwoz builds the first of ten Man Caves throughout Swellview.
  • Rob Moss begins his operations as boss of the Swellview Mob.
  • Sometime in the distant future, Piper Hart is fighting the forces of evil child robots who have enslaved humanity; Future Ray may originate from this time.
  • Schwoz built the Man's Nest he was planning to give to Ray for his birthday.
  • Angela and Herman got married.
  • Possibly, TakeOut escaped from jail.
  • BlackOut starts looking for Henry Hart to steal his soul.