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My body's tiny, but my brain is huge!
— Tiny Ray, in Guardians of the Ponytail
Tiny Ray
Tiny Ray-An Imposter Among Us

Short Ray (by Mika)
James Van Der Squeak (by Miles)
Giant Tiny Ray
Normal Sized Ray (by Ray)
Uncle Hambone (disguise)



Resides in


Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark brown


Girlfriend doll
Tiny Kris Hart


Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut) (creator)
Miles Macklin (AWOL)
Chapa De Silva (Volt)
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
Schwoz Schwartz
Drex Stinklebaum
Chest Monster
Tiny Kris Hart


Mika Macklin (ShoutOut) (formerly)
Rick Twitler

First Appearance


Last Appearance

Guardians of the Ponytail

Portrayed By

Cooper Barnes

Tiny Ray is a tiny clone/version of Ray created by Mika in Monsty and a recurring character in Danger Force.

He is portrayed by Cooper Barnes.

Description & Personality[]

Like the real Ray, Tiny Ray has a short fuse and is proof that tough things come in small packages. He gets really upset when someone makes fun of his squeaky voice. He is also smarter than the real Ray by actually playing chess and beating Schwoz.


Tiny Ray is introduced in Monsty, when Ray has to go to jury duty, but has to host a telethon with Danny Chest, Mika created Tiny Ray with Schwoz’s cloning machine after Ray eats barbecue short ribs, unfortunately the cloning ended with a miniature clone of Ray, who asks what Mika has done to him and Tiny Ray pulls out a tiny blaster and blasts everything in sight, including the cloning machine. After Tiny Ray destroys the cloning machine, he escapes down the tube.

Later, when Schwoz tells Miles to bring Monsty to Cavetown, he and Monsty begin to cry and Tiny Ray joins in, crying and hugging Miles’ leg.

Miles locks the both of them, along with Chest Monster, in the Man’s Nest dungeon. Tiny Ray was seen reading a magazine about tiny moms. When Mika calls Monsty for help, Tiny Ray and Chest Monster continue their talk.

In Manlee Men, when Schwoz gets a plant that looks like a rock, he presses a button for the hose. Tiny Ray was sleeping on the hose with his girlfriend who's a doll. When Tiny Ray wakes up, he runs away screaming.

In Family Lies, Chapa reminds Schwoz how much they razed Tiny Ray for having such a high pitched voice as an example for her not having parents for Parents Night. In a flashback, Tiny Ray is laughed at and called names by Danger Force. Eventually, Tiny Ray gets enough of it and leaves with his girlfriend doll. Before he leaves, Chest Monster tells him to get wrecked.

In An Imposter Among Us, Tiny Ray was tied to a rotisserie by Miles and Bose when Ray turned off the internet. Ray orders Bose to bring Tiny Ray back to jail, but he runs away saying "You'll never catch me!".

Later, Tiny Ray was in a jail cell with Drex and Chest Monster. When Rick Twitler reveals he possessed Mika, Chest Monster says that it’s like when he keeps a few extra donuts around. When Drex ask if he had donuts the whole time, Chest Monster says no, and Tiny Ray says they’re not falling for it. When Twitler says that who played his game got a special prize, Tiny Ray asks if it was a donut, and Twitler replies by saying it’s not a donut, but him possessing Mika, and Tiny Ray says he forgot. When Drex says that whatever Twitler has planned and that he can make it worse, Tiny Ray says that he’s crazy.

In A Danger Among Us, Ray and Chapa were looking for Mika, Miles, and Bose and ask Tiny Ray if he saw them. He replied that he hasn't seen them and told Ray to come in himself.

In Krampapalooza, Tiny Ray was in his cell with Chest Monster when Krampus checks in for Swellchella. When Krampus drank Power Milk, Tiny Ray tells him to pound it, but Chest Monster says he shouldn't be drinking that stuff, but Tiny Ray kicks him and tells him to mind his business.

Later, Krampus complained that Tiny Ray wouldn't stop singing Almond Milk. Meanwhile Tiny Ray and Chest Monster are seen singing Almond Milk as a duo.

In Power Problems, Part 1, Tiny Ray was at Hip Hop Purée when Gas Clown attacked. When Gas Clown gassed Volt, it caused her voice to be all squeaky and ShoutOut says she sounds like Tiny Ray. Tiny Ray hears it and gets upset and leaves asking if she thinks that’s what all tiny people sound like.

In Power Problems, Part 2, in a flashback when Schwoz was doing his podcast about how to take away Danger Force’s powers, Tiny Ray was saying that Schwoz’s podcast stinks and eats a frittle chip.

In Attack of the Clones, he and a tiny clone of Kris Hart were playing a tiny piano with Ray and Clone Kris.

In Bilsky's Billions, he plays a trumpet to introduce Ray's fake mustache and new teeth. Later, when Ray was proving he can eat solid foods with his new teeth, Tiny Ray was being covered in food crumbs and telling Ray to chew with his mouth close.

In The Supies, Tiny Ray asks Schwoz if the news found out Ray dyes his hair. When Ray comes, Tiny Ray runs away.

Tiny Ray is grown giant sized by Schwoz to trick Henry while real Ray went to The Beatin’ Dungeon disguised as Hawkfist. When Henry got back, Tiny Ray blew his cover and he and Schwoz ran away.

In Let's Go to the Movies!, Tiny Ray pitches an idea about a tiny chef controlling a chef’s actions in cooking. After realizing he’s copying another movie, Ray puts a bucket on him and kicks him away.

In Chapa's Phone Home, Chapa used Tiny Ray to steal Mika’s new phone and throw it in spicy chocolate milk. After Mika allowed Chapa to use Waste-E, Tiny Ray went swimming in the spicy chocolate milk and burned his eyes.

In Uncle Hambone, Tiny Ray was dressed up as Chapa’s little sister’s imaginary friend to get Chapa to come to the Man’s Nest and power it back up.

Tiny Ray convinces Sage to get over her imaginary friend and leaves saying he’s gonna fight space tigers in heaven.

In Wedding of the Trentury, Tiny Ray and Tiny Clone Kris were invited to a wedding for Trent Overunder and one of the many clones of Kris Hart, who is pretending to be Tracy426.

In Guardians of the Ponytail, Tiny Ray was playing chess against Schwoz and beats him saying that he’s just built different. He is later seen at the end being introduced to Henry and sleeping on a stack on money.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


  • He is the second character played by Cooper Barnes in Danger Force. The first being Ray and the third being Monsty.
  • So far in most of Tiny Ray’s episodes, he’s been wearing the same clothes since he’s been created.
  • Like the real Ray, Tiny Ray loves tiny moms.


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