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Tracy 426
Full Name



Tracy426 (by Trent)



Resides in

Denver, CO


International secret spy

Eye Color


Hair Color



Trent Overunder (husband)


Trent Overunder (husband)


Clone Kris Hart

First Appearance

Wedding of the Trentury

Last Appearance

Wedding of the Trentury

Portrayed By

Krizia Bajos

Tracy426 is a minor character in Danger Force. She is a secret super spy and the wife of Trent Overunder.

She is portrayed by Krizia Bajos.

Description and Personality[]

Tracy426 has hazel hair and brown eyes. She is in love with Trent and is able to defend him from threats such as Clone Kris Hart. She cares about maintaining her occupation as an international secret agent so that her enemies do not attack her and her family.


In A Cyborg Among Us, Trent tells through KLVY that he started dating Tracy426.

In Wedding of the Trentury, she and Trent make the decision to get married, but cannot afford a wedding, depressing Trent, who cries in Hip Hop Purée, but the Danger Force decides to help the couple, lending the Man's Nest to Trent to carry out the wedding. During the preparations, the Danger Force tries to locate Tracy, but they cannot find her because of the few images they found and Trent says that she was an secret spy, but he should not tell that. Believing that Trent was duped, the Danger Force has the Clone Kris Hart pretend to be Tracy426, but on the day of the wedding, the real Tracy arrives with her pet and interrupts the wedding.

Tracy is disappointed by Trent's deception towards her and decides to return home, Denver, CO, but the Danger Force explains that they believed Trent was deceived by Tracy's lack of images, but it was because of her occupation as an secret spy and understanding things, she returns with Trent, carrying out their wedding. When Clone Kris shows up to stay with Trent, Tracy protects her boyfriend and uses her fighting skills to confront the clone, defeating her. Tracy and Trent eventually married with Captain Man as the officiant of the marriage.



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