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Season 2, Episode 25-26
Air Date

July 7, 2022

Prod. Code



Dicky Murphy & Adrian McNair (Part 1)
Jake Farrow (Part 2)


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology

Wedding of the Trentury


The Force Returns, Part 1 (Season 3)”

Unmasked is the twenty-fifth through twenty-sixth and final episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on July 7, 2022 to an audience of 0.22 million viewers.


At the Man's Nest, Schwoz gets his phone from Waste-E's grasp in order to contact them. Captain Man and Danger Force arrive where they defeated the bad guys who wanted to steal a prized basketball created by someone named Dunksy and confiscated their phones. They celebrate with a dunk with the prized basketball until Officer Walnut arrives arrives to collect the Dunksy Basketball in order to pull the fingerprints off it in order to identify the bad guys like the one who escaped.

After Walnut leaves, the Macklin twins return and hear that their aunt has the basketball. ShoutOut states that Danger Force's fingerprints are on the basketball stating that the police can find out their identity and can blow their cover. As Captain Man states that they should start a new life in Mexico, AWOL exhausts himself trying to teleport into the evidence locker causing them to sneak into the precinct on Thursday due to the lack of crime.

As they sneak in during the Soup Bribe event, Captain Man runs from Commissioner Melverp Korthenschotzz. The next day, Captain Man does a Plan B where Chapa poses as Delivery Joe until the real Delivery Joe gets in. Plan C has Danger Force giving spoons to the police officers to have their spoons as Captain Man turns over the precinct's power. They have a hard time finding it in the dark which doesn't go well. In addition, Melverp Korthenschotzz is guarding the evidence locker and won't move unless it's for Captain Man. Danger Force convinces Captain Man to see Korthenschotzz as he drops off evidence of tax fraud.

Once the evidence is in, Captain Man lures Korthenschotzz outside for some soup enabling Danger Force to exit the evidence where Brainstorm nearly drinks the science juice as the bad guy that got away infiltrates the evidence room and works to keep him from getting away. Captain Man keeps Korthenschotzz busy with beatboxing as the bad guy gives them an explosive decoy while he gets away. As Volt and Brainstorm work to disarm the bomb, ShoutOut and AWOL go after the bad guy. As Korthenschotzz does some breakdancing, Brainstorm and Volt sneak out as Captain Man takes his leave. ShoutOut and AWOL follow the bad guy to the roof as ShoutOut redirects the bad guy's parachute to Swellview Prison. ShoutOut's mask is knocked off by steam as Officer Walnut shows up to see her and also unmasks AWOL surprised with the fact that her nephew and niece are in Danger Force while taking back the Dunksy Basketball.

In light of the incident on the rooftop, Officer Walnut now knows that ShoutOut and AWOL are Mika and Miles. Chapa and Bose find out what happened. After advising Chapa and Bose to become Volt and Brainstorm, AWOL and ShoutOut teleport them to their room where they find Officer Walnut bound and gagged. ShoutOut persuades Volt not to zap Officer Walnut's brain and suggests using the Memory Wiper on her and make another one after Drex destroyed it.

While Mika and Bose throw off Angela, Volt and AWOL teleport Officer Walnut to Chapa's house where they find Alejandra there after she needed an excuse to leave the Timmy Buffet concert causing Chapa to knock her out and AWOL to replace Officer Walnut's gag. After Mika and Bose throw off Angela, Volt and AWOL bring them to Chapa's house to find Alejandra still knocked out. ShoutOut calls Schwoz only for Ray to answer stating that Timmy Buffet has invited Schwoz to perform as Ray suggests asking DJ Clone Schwoz. They ask DJ Clone Schwoz to make a new Memory Wiper. To make it, Schwoz will need Science Juice causing Bose to recall that it is in the Swellview Police Department's evidence room. AWOL and Brainstorm sneak into the evidence room only to encounter Celia wanting to take out evidence. As AWOL claims the Science Juice, Celia starts to call the police only for AWOL and Brainstorm to kidnap her as well. Angela knocks on the door to ask Alejandra for advice on Mika kissing Bose. She comes in upon hearing Officer Walnut causing Danger Force to tie her up as well.

Walnut works to free herself as Ray calls Danger Force to pick up some carrots for Garrett the Parrot. Alejandro arrives in the driveway causing AWOL to evacuate everyone. DJ Clone Schwoz completes the Memory Wiper at the Man's Nest as Ray returns causing him to be bound as a precaution. AWOL comes clean about what happened as Ray covers up his appearance in the Man's Nest. As the Memory Wiper actually created a Truth Ray and affects everyone in the radius of the blast, Officer Walnut gets free as Danger Force ends up revealing their identities when asked by her. This surprises Angela, Alejandra, and Celia as they declare that they are all out of Danger Force like Ray suspected.


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  • This is the last episode to air in 2022.
  • The working titles for the episode were "Trojan Force" and "We Did a Bad Thing".
  • This episode was originally going to be two and a half hours before changing to just an hour.
  • This episode ends on a cliffhanger, which lead into the Season 3 premiere, The Force Returns, Part 1.
  • Schwoz talks with his "American accent", but he did not faint. It was stated in Henry Danger, that he can only talk for a brief period of time with this accent before fainting.
  • There is a running gag in this episode, that everyone says "Famously" after another person says "famously".
  • Ray mentions Lionel Messi who ironically plays soccer, not basketball.
  • Waste-E returns in this episode. He was first seen in Chapa's Phone Home.
  • DJ Clone Schwoz mentions Krampapalooza, which is the same name of another episode in Season 2.
  • The events of Alien Zoo are mentioned.
  • This marked the last appearance of Didi Walnut.
  • Schwoz makes his DJ clone switch places with him, so he can get away from Ray.
  • Ray's in the process of cloning their moms.
  • It was also revealed that Didi Walnut cannot keep any secrets.
  • This one-hour special is the final episode of Season 2.
  • Mika's middle name is revealed to be Eureka.
  • Captain Man, Schwoz, Brainstorm, and Volt sang Europe's The Final Countdown in the beginning.
  • The Memory Wiper can wipe specific memories, Schwoz just never had the chance to use that setting as he said in The Beginning of the End.
  • When Angela asked Mika and Bose if they kissed, their reactions are similar to Henry and Charlotte's reactions, when Ray suggested that the two of them should become boyfriend and girlfriend, as part of their fake secret in The Bucket Trap.
  • It was revealed by Alejandra that Sage is her favorite child and that she somehow killed Uncle Hambone.
  • Ray mistakes two football players, Tom Brady and Lionel Messi, for players basketball.

Series continuity[]


  • Chapa said Drex destroyed the Memory Wiper when it was actually Henry who did in The Fate of Danger: Part 2. To be fair, Miles, Chapa, Bose, & Mika weren’t on the blimp with Drex, Ray & Henry when Henry destroyed it since the four were fighting the cavemen, so Chapa assumed it was Drex. It is possible that Henry himself might correct her if this error is brought up by Chapa again.
  • Mika includes Ray in the lineup of people who's fingerprints would be on the Dunksy basketball. However, Ray always wears gloves as part of his supersuit, and as he was in his supersuit when he walked in with the ball, and didn't change to his Ray Manchester alter ego before playing with it, it can be assumed he never touched the ball with his bare hands, therefor his fingerprints couldn’t possibly be on the basketball.


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