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Veronika de Bad Girl

Mad Granny (alter-ego)



Resides in




Eye Color


Hair Color

Blonde with blue streaks




Kid Danger (ex-love interest/ex-boyfriend)


Wall Dogs (gang)
Van Del (gang leader/boss)


Captain Man
Kid Danger
Swellview Police


Does not attend school (possible drop-out)

First Appearance

Henry & the Bad Girl, Part 1

Last Appearance

One Henry, Three Girls: Part 1

Portrayed By

Madison Iseman

Veronika is a vandal who was once part of the Wall Dogs, led by Van Del. She thinks the Wall Dogs don't do anything illegal (she claims they just make art). She kissed Kid Danger several times, possibly to persuade him not to arrest her. She appeared in Henry & the Bad Girl, Part 1 and 2. She was later seen in One Henry, Three Girls: Part 1 in which she dressed up as the Mad Granny and hurt Captain Man in public for sending the Wall-Dogs to jail, and later was arrested for it, thus ending her relationship with Kid Danger.

She is portrayed by Madison Iseman.

Description & Personality[]

Veronika can be quite flirtatious and manipulative, and is able to trick people into various situations. She believes grafiti is art, not vandalism, and will go to great lengths to prove it.

Veronika has blonde hair and green/blue eyes. She dresses in all black to stay hidden at night, although the outfit has splotches of spray paint on it. A belt around her waist is equipped with spray cans.


In Henry & the Bad Girl, Part 1 & 2,Veronika was with the Wall Dogs as they were preparing to vandalize the mini golf course that night. While Captain Man went to use the bathroom, only Kid Danger was present and attempted to fend them off. However, he was only successful in capturing Veronika, one of the girl Wall Dogs in the gang, trying to handcuff her. When she called Kid Danger a "Herbert" he responded by calling her a loser. This upset her enough to make her cry. Once Kid Danger sees that he hurt her, he tries to comfort her. Once he got close to her, she reveals that the crying was a façade and she grabs his hands and handcuffs him to a ball washer. Before leaving, she told Kid Danger to meet her at the Swellview sign tomorrow at midnight, alone, he asked why, then she kissed him.

Kid Danger would meet Veronika at the Swellview sign the next time he saw her, and the girl asked if he has feelings for her. She also asked if he does, he must become a member of the Wall Dogs and join her. However, she received an unexpected surprise from Captain Man, thinking Kid Danger set her up. But he assured her he was alone and didn't tell anyone, as Captain Man wanted to take Veronika into custody. A brief skirmish between superhero and sidekick ensued, with Kid Danger being victorious. Veronika was proud of Kid Danger's bravery and they kissed once more.

She would welcome Kid Danger to the Wall Dogs, who still believed him to be a threat, even for their leader Van Del. To show that he's turned bad, Kid Danger graffitied Jasper Dunlop, but in reality, he posted the location of the Wall Dogs. Inside their base, Veronika introduces Kid Danger to Van Del and as they go to mark him, Captain Man appears, happily reuniting with Kid and they both reveal that the fight was fake so Kid Danger could discover the Wall Dogs' hideout.

Veronika is disappointed by Kid Danger's deception, but in the middle of the fight, she manages to escape thanks to Kid Danger deciding to let her go because he was still in love and she kissed him, before running away. At night, after the capture of the Wall Dogs, Veronika met with Kid Danger and they hid from the plane that was still spying on them. Veronika promised Kid Danger that she would never paint again as they shared a kiss, even though she had painted the Swellview sign.

In One Henry, Three Girls: Part 1, she was mad at Captain Man for putting the other Wall Dogs in jail, so she dressed up as the Mad Granny and beat him; however, she still maintains her relationship with Kid Danger.

One bright day, when Captain Man was giving a speech about Swellview's first public restroom, the Mad Granny appeared and started to attack him with her umbrella. However, she was forced to flee, leaving her umbrella behind.

Kid Danger was with Veronika later that night and she was painting a picture of them both together in a cartoon like manner. She was later tracked down by the cops, because they found her DNA on the umbrella she dropped just when she was about to kiss Kid Danger, before the hero could tell her properly he was breaking up with her. She was then arrested and taken to jail.



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