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“Vidja Games”
Season 1, Episode 14
Air Date

January 23, 2021

Prod. Code



Andrew Thomas


Evelyn Belasco

Episode Chronology

Down Goes Santa: Part II


Test Friends

Vidja Games is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of Danger Force. It premiered on January 23, 2021 to an audience of 0.41 million viewers.


Volt is on the Howdee app sending celebrity greetings to people for money, and the others came back as farmers after doing work on a farm and Volt explained to the others that it was Howdee and they said they could earn more money than Chapa and Ray. Later at the Macklin house, Miles and Mika created an invention and Angela and Herman came to show them that Angela paid a video of Brainstorm talking about how twins are made, and Herman left and Mika and Miles closed the door to not listen and decided to also do a Howdee and left and Miles kicked his invention.

In SWAG, everyone came with luxurious suits, including Schwoz, because they have made a lot of money in Howdee and Ray was upset and Schwoz showed Ray that he is also in Howdee showing him that he is cupid sending messages to couples and they showed Ray the Howdee table where they had some people they met like Danny Chest, Natalie Mazdah, Frankini, Maddie among others and Ray saw that his rival, Joey Lawrence, is also in Howdee Ray decided to join the howdee and after a montage of several times that Danger Force sends greetings Chapa prepares for a greeting and the others argue with her and by accident they sent the message where they are seen arguing without their suits and are in trouble because if it is seen their true identities will be revealed.

They were all worried about how terrible if someone sees it and there was no way to undo it and they decided to go to Howdee's owners at Howdee farm so that no one sees the video and they travel to Howdee farm and meet Pa Howdee and his wife Ma Howdee and they show them their computer cow named Bessie tells them that they cannot claim the video but if they do something for them they do and they tell them that Captain Man should be their daughter's 5th birthday piñata and call Joey Lawrence to be the entertainment and they accept and tell Ray many times to call Joey Lawrence and Ray manages to call him. Miles comes up with the idea to dare Mika into tipping Bessie using her super scream, in which she accepts. But as she got up to her feet, Mika felt bloated from drinking so much butter, that she got to her feet, she put her hands against her belly and began super sonic burping be right toward Bessie. Mika's long conjoined super belches were powerful enough to tip over Bessie and destroyed Howdee farms vidjas. Meanwhile, Joey accepted Ray's deal and Ray said they made it and prevented someone from seeing the video and took Pa and Ma's daughter and their friends to the nest to celebrate the party and Ray fulfilled his part of the deal by being the party piñata and Joey Lawrence came out of the bathroom and it was his turn to hit Captain Man and Danger Force and the other children laughed on and began to hit Captain Man with his bat.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

Special Guest Cast[]

  • Joey Lawrence as Himself


  • This is the first episode to air in 2021.
  • Schwoz has a minor role in this episode.
  • The shirt that Miles wore when he and Mika were in the room said, "Black Heroes Matters", which is a reference to Black Lives Matter.
  • Schwoz, who goes by the name "Cupid", says there's a message of love, from Chris to Mike. This is a reference to Chris Nowak, who's the executive producer of the show, and Mike Caron, who is the Director of Danger Force.
  • The celebrity Cardib is a parody of rapper Cardi B.
  • Volt sings to the tune of "We're in the Money".
  • This episode's plot is similar to a Victorious episode, The Slap Fight, where the whole cast competes on social media for the most attention.
  • The Howdee app is based on real life personalized video messages websites such as Cameo.
  • The only time Mika generates her sonic scream by burping.
  • Miles says "It ain't much but it's honest work" while wearing farmer clothes, which is a reference to the famous meme.

Series continuity[]

  • Captain Man and the Danger Force kids sending a video revealing their identities is similar to the Henry Danger episode Text, Lies & Video where Henry did the same thing to Piper.
  • Among the top Howdee users are Natalie Mazdah from Say My Name, Maddie from The Thousand Pranks War, Frankini, and Danny Chest from Henry Danger episode, Swellview's Got Talent.
  • Ray says that guys that work at tech farms have cool names like Jace and Sean. This is a reference to the Henry Danger actors Jace Norman and Sean Ryan Fox.
  • Mika, Miles, Chapa, Bose, Ma Howdee and Pa Howdee all chant to get Ray to call Joey Lawrence after Miles said "Kid Danger once told me that he Captain Man can't resist a chant". That is a callback to the Henry Danger episode, Whistlin' Susie, when Henry, Charlotte, Jasper and Schwoz all chant to convince Ray to eat bombs.
  • After AWOL says to 'tip the cow', the other kids say, 'Hm?' and AWOL repeats himself. This has happened many times in Henry Danger.

International Premieres[]

  • January 30, 2021 (Canada)
  • April 10, 2021 (Latin America)


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