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Wahoo Punch Bro
Wahoo Punch Bro
Full Name

Wahoo Punch Bro



Resides in


Criminal Occupation


Eye Color



Kid Danger, Captain Man, Schwoz, his crew, Charlotte, Piper Hart, Jasper Dunlop

First Appearance

The Wahoo Punch Bro

Last Appearance

The Wahoo Punch Bro

Portrayed By

Jerry Trainor

The Wahoo Punch Bro is the mascot of the beverage Wahoo Punch. In the episode of the same name, he takes over Swellview after the last commercial for Wahoo Punch.

He is voiced by Jerry Trainor (who also portrayed one half of the Thumb Buddies), known to Nickelodeon fans as Spencer Shay from iCarly, and Crazy Steve from Drake & Josh.


During the commercial advertising for Wahoo Punch, two girls say that they are thirsty, so the Wahoo Punch Bro bursts in and sings the jingle, until he sees a man in his shot, so he causes rampage with the crew. Because of this, he gets fired, so then, he makes a video on YooHooTube and asks "Who's thirsty?"

Then he bursts inside Henry's House and knocks Piper and Henry down and "thirst quenches" him. He then leaves and causes a rampage all over the city, until Schwoz says that he is thirsty. So then, he "thirst quenches" Schwoz and leaves.

Later, he goes up the water tower and stuffs the juice filling inside it. Then, Kid Danger and Captain Man come and tell him to stop, but he refuses. Luckily, Schwoz brings the Man-Copter over and carries the Wahoo Punch Bro off to France, and the water tower floods Neighborville.


  • The Wahoo Punch Bro is a parody of the Kool-Aid Man and nearly resembles him.
  • It is unknown why Charlotte couldn't have dropped the Wahoo Punch Bro on the ground so his glass jug head breaks, thus killing him.
    • It is also unknown if there is a real person inside the costume.
  • The Wahoo Punch Bro made a cameo appearance in an episode of Game Shakers titled "Escape from Utah"