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Wall Dogs
Wall Dogs
Full Name

The Wall Dogs


Male, Female

Resides in





Kid Danger and Veronika


Kid Danger
Captain Man

First Appearance

Henry & the Bad Girl, Part 1

Last Appearance

Henry & the Bad Girl, Part 2

The Wall Dogs are a gang of art thieves who have terrorized Swellview by committing several crimes involving vandalism.


The Wall Dogs have been committing crimes since before Ray Manchester became indestructible. When he was a boy, the young Wall Dogs began their life of crime when they spray painted Ray's playhouse while two of the Dogs held on to him.

One notable Wall Dog, Veronika, explained the Wall Dogs do not commit crimes, they are making "art". Their leader is Van Del.

Notable Members[]


  • In Victorious, there was a band called The Wall Dogs.
  • All of the members of the Wall Dogs except Van Del are teens, so it can be assumed they dropped out of school.
  • When Van Del is not present, Veronika takes the lead.
  • Many of the Wall Dogs names are based on rappers: Spray Z (Jay Z), Two Cans (2 Chainz), T-Paint (T-Pain), and Beyonspray (Beyoncé).
    • Jay-Z and Beyoncé are married in real life, so it is possible Spray Z and Beyonspray are in a relationship.
  • It is possible that one of the Wall Dogs that vandalized Ray's play house was Van Del.
  • The Wall Dogs would later be mentioned in the Danger Force episode Twin It to Win It.