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“Wedding of the Trentury”
Season 2, Episode 24
Air Date

June 30, 2022

Prod. Code



Shamar Michael Curry
Rachel Wenitsky


Evelyn Belasco

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Wedding of the Trentury is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on June 30, 2022 to an audience of 0.38 million viewers.


At the Man's Nest, Ray calls Danger Force in for a wedding episode of Genuine Moments is going to be on when the television is gone. Schwoz brings in the television in a wedding veil so that everyone can watch the wedding episode. As the television is turned on, Mary Gaperman is on the news stating that Trent Overunder is gone as she sadly covers for him.

Receiving a call from Hip Hop Puree about Trent crying, Danger Force are sent to look into this. When they arrive, Danger Force finds a breaking down Trent who states that his internet girlfriend, Tracy426 wants to get married and how he has to afford a wedding. Having bugged Danger Force's outfits and having overheard them, Captain Man arrives upon firing himself from the Man's Nest in order to keep Danger Force from persuading Trent from having a wedding at the Man's Nest. He wanted to have a wedding of his own wedding at the Man's Nest, but Henry's parents are still married to each other. Captain Man gives in to the demands when a video of his interview with Trent that had he farting is revealed.

Trent broadcasts this on KLVY news and everyone will be in attendance with Mary covering the news from KLVY studios. Danger Force works to put together a Genuine Moments-themed wedding as Trent is impressed with Brainstorm's tuxedo with Captain Man not wanting to pay for the wedding. Danger Force gets suspicious on Tracy426 due to first-class moves as he shows a picture of her faceless appearances with Trent claims that she is an undercover spy who can't reveal her secret identity. On the landing, AWOL suspects that Trent might be catfished. AWOL and ShoutOut plan to find someone to pose as Tracy426 just in case Trent is catfished. Schwoz enlists another clone of Kris to pose as Tracy426 after some persuasion involving all you can eat shrimp. When Trent claims that Tracy426 is allergic to shrimp, Volt claims that the shrimp being served is not real shrimp. Captain Man arrives and recognizes the clone of Kris.

When the wedding begins with Captain Man preceding over it with help from MarrySomeRandos.com (including Tiny Ray and Kris) are in attendance, the real Tracy shows up due to her dog's walker having a flat tire. When she asks who the woman with Trent is, Clone Kris eats some shrimp and jumps out of the Man's Nest's window. Trent tries to explain himself as Danger Force confesses that they thought she was catfishing Trent for not showing her face as Tracy keeps Trent from confirming her spy job. As Danger Force apologizes for their actions, Tracy still wants to marry him when Clone Kris returns to eat more shrimp and want to marry Trent. This causes Tracy and Clone Kris to fight each other without showing her face in front to the cameras until Clone Kris accidentally shoots Trent's hair.

In retaliation, Tracy kicks Clone Kris out of the window. Then she finally gets married to Trent. As Captain Man gets his fart interview tape back from Trent, he drops it and bends down to grab it only to end up farting. He then starts to go after the tapes and cameras as everybody laughs at him.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

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  • This is the second time Ray's been shot out of a cannon, the first was Charlotte Gets Ghosted on Henry Danger.
  • This is the final episode that isn't part of a big ongoing plot, as the third and final season was serialized, and the next episode, Unmasked, lead in to the first episode of Season 3.
  • The tux ball returns in this episode, since it was first seen in the Henry Danger episode Double-O Danger.
  • The cast breaks the fourth wall by saying that everyone loves wedding episodes, and after that, they look at the camera.
  • Mary Gaperman somehow causing multiple things to catch on fire is the same as the running gag in iCarly when Spencer caused things to mysteriously burst into flames.
  • Henry, Jake, and the real Kris are still mentioned.
  • The scene where Tracy426 says "This Is Swellview!" before she kicks Clone Kris out of the Man's Nest window is a popular reference to the 2006 action movie, 300.

Series continuity[]

  • Frankini's name is seen on the newscast.
  • Clone Kris returns in this episode. Her first appearance was in Attack of the Clones.
  • Tiny Ray and Tiny Kris return in this episode.
  • The elector-magnetic delivery cannon Ray uses in the Henry Danger episode Charlotte Gets Ghosted returns in the episode.


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